Gail Hardy

Let’s take a look how racism works in the den of Connecticut prosecutors.  The elitist racist club of privileged legal misfits needs no rule of law for a good lynching.

Black boy Matthew Couloute needs x white wife arrested so he can use hispanic pedo Judge Suarez to isolate his child play toy from non-pedo family elements.  Being of the prosecutor club he approaches Judge Danaher’s family K9 cop Boy Brendan in Bloomfield, a.k.a. pedoville.  Doggy cop puts some lies in an affidavit with the blessing of Chief Paul Hammick, brings it to Hartford, GA14 for instant processing by the black dragon of evil, State’s Attorney Gail Hardy.

Gail Hardy, a black woman turning tricks to survive in the white pedo-man’s world, gladly participates in trafficking a young girl at the request of former prosecutor pedo dad who has a track record of inappropriate conduct with children, beats women and does not pay child support.  Gail Girl will not question lies sworn to by the Thin Blue Pedo Line.  Black judge and former prosecutor Omar Williams dutifully signs the arrest warrant in a flash for his black bro.

Three black racist players using public funds, completely defeat the rule of law in the Connecticut Pedo Utopia to hunt a white mother.  Pedo niggers rule.