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Beat The Children!

Connecticut Judiciary says BEAT THE CHILDREN to enforce family court orders!!!

The new head of the Connecticut Appellate Court, Judge William H. Bright, Jr. ruled today that if kids have a problem with the visitation schedule, or if there is a relationship issue, family discord or the like, that it is all mom’s fault and she will be arrested and jailed for not beating the children. Hats off to Judge Bright’s mom for raising an idiot!! Even more comical is the cold shoulder Judge Billy is going to get from his wife Jennifer for telling mothers of Connecticut to beat their children to follow orders of hubby’s court. Who is sleeping on the couch tonite, Billy?

As usual, the famous blog cannot make this shit up. Only the jews of the judiciary in their zionistic quest to destroy the concept of family can consistently deliver opinions that only Satan can love. What Church of any denomination would advocate beating the child to comply with a court order? The answer is simple, none. Beating the gentile children by their unclean four-legged parents is just what the parasitic jews on the bench want for the host society. It is not a Christian teaching, but merely Lucifer’s wrath disguised as an opinion of the Connecticut Jewdiciary, courtesy of Judge William Bright.

Remember our blog famous nutjob Robert Thaner? The moron with money who got fleeced by Judge Adelman and Attorney Dembo leaving him penniless with sole custody? He worked with nigger pedo cop Jeramine Nash, out of Norwalk to get his ex-wife in Glastonbury arrested because he had pissed off his kids so bad they were afraid to come out of mom’s house to go with him. Well, Judge William Bright says it is all mom’s fault because she did not beat, bind, and gag the kids, then drag them kicking and bleeding to their father to comply with the court visitation schedule. Note that Bright Boy only upheld the criminal conduct of mother on three of the four kids because Daddy Thaner disowned his oldest son. Whadda DAD!!!

Judge Bright Boy glossed over the fact that once pedo nigger cop Nash had mom locked up in Norwalk, DCF seized the kids, placed then in foster care because none of the DCF therapists could convince the kids to go to Dad and the state could not force them. So it was all mom’s fault. Yes, Judge Bright Boy blamed mom for something the executive branch of Connecticut could not achieve. See in Bright Boy’s twisted pedo mind, mother could have beaten the children unconscious to affect the visitation schedule, but DCF could not, so mother is to blame. Mother had the power, but DCF did not … what logic!!! In the end DCF gave the kids back to mom and made a finding of neglect against the father. Even DCF did not like dad. But Billy Bright finds that it is all mom’s fault … go figure.

Who will be the first media outlet to call Jennifer Bright to ask her what she thinks of her husband’s ruling that Connecticut mothers should be jailed because of intra-family spats? Give her a call at (860) 228-4452, or stop by 31 Dilaj Drive, Columbia, for the latest Bright Family Seminar on how to blame mother for everything. Wonder how Jennifer hides all the bruises from Billy’s beatings? Oi vey, what these jews do to mothers and children.

In the most bizarre jewdicial twist, fat girl Denise Smoker claims that the statute is not vague, where dad scares the kids, can’t persuade the kids to get in his car, the police can’t make them go, DCF can’t make them go, then mother failed to return the kids to dad and therefore is sentenced to three years in prison. Got that?

For the blog’s legal aficionados, read Judge Billy’s opinion here. Let the howling begin! Read mom’s appellate brief here. Read State brief here. Connecticut is a recipient of a huge amount of federal funds, which all come with strings attached, including not beating or raping the children. Judge Billy missed that point, now he has a federal bullseye on his back. He never read Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000) which ruled State interference into the family is only allowed to protect the children. How does arresting mom, dragging kids out of house, committing them to foster care protect the children? Trauma by DCF is protection? What compelling state interest was served in the eyes of Judge Billy that mother had to be jailed because Robert Thaner was such a jerk that his own children ran away from him? Oh, wait, right, according to Judge Bright, it was all mom’s fault as she had the power to beat the kids to make them love their dad. Any doubt Bright is a jew? A pedo?

The sickest part of Judge Bright’s decision is that he ignored ‘mens rea‘. He expects that all the women of Connecticut have criminal intent when they are protecting their babies. Mother Thaner’s ‘actus reus‘ was that she did not inflict emotional harm on her babies. But Bright Boy failed to mention that she had no criminal intent. Got that? All mommies in gulag Corrupticut now face criminal convictions and jail time when they act like mothers to their children. Just what the jews want and what Judge Bright was paid to deliver.

Billy Bright is such a fuckstick that he ignores previous rulings of his own court. Judge Douglas S. Lavine sits on the appellate court along with fuckstick Billy Bright. In 2009, Justice Lavine penned wise words in a domestic dispute case saying ‘former spouses, as parents, have a continuing legal obligation to protect and to promote the best interests of their minor children regarding family discord. Former spouses, both retain responsibility for protecting their minor children from harm, emotional and otherwise.’ So Judge Lavine, Robinson, and Lavery have been overruled by Bright, Prescott, and Devlin. Robinson wrote Watts v Chittendon, eleven years ago, where now Bright writes State v Lori Thaner. Note the contradictory viewpoints of the same court just a decade apart. Before, it was a duty of both parents to protect the kids, today it is all mom’s fault. The jews are winning!!! Now fuckstick Bright’s opinion will face Robinson, CJ in the State Supreme Court … what a jewdicial clusterfuck!!!

Glastonbury PD would not arrest mom, but nigger pedo cop Nash gets a warrant from Norwalk GA to do it? Any doubt Judge Bright fucks little boys? Along with Norwalk Police? Here is what Bright wrote: “Other witnesses, including Nash, members of the Glastonbury Police Department, and the Department of Children and Families also admittedly could not persuade the children to go with Dad because the children absolutely refused. Dad also did not persuade the children to return home with him.” Then Bright concludes it was all mother’s fault!!! Bright puts it all on mom by stating: “The mother had the ability to take some action to return the children to the father but that she refused to do so.” See the blame game? Mom’s fault, all mom’s fault, because dad is a jerk, it is mom’s fault.

In the pedophile world of Connecticut Courts, mothers are criminally convicted and jailed for ‘interference’ for doing nothing, but trying to protect the fruit of their wombs from emotional harm. Believe this shit? Does Judge Bright incite imminent lawless action? Is he just trying to bring about a citizen revolt? Is he begging for the courts to be burned to the ground? Perhaps the court should sit in en banc review of this piece of shit ruling, but do it in a bunker, as the black robed tyrants are targets of the free and the brave.

Time to cleanse the Connecticut bench of miscreants like Judge William H. Bright, Jr. No civilized society physically abuses children to comply with a visitation schedule. No real judge would uphold such, only the jews of the Connecticut pedo judiciary. No wonder Nigger Boy Robinson elevated Bright to head of the appellate division, starting 1 August. Pedos always get what pedos want. But look out for Connecticut mothers with long guns and .308 ball ammunition, responding to the decision; smart bombs and death rays from the sky as well.

Another target of interest in this miscarriage of justice is State’s Attorney Richard Colangelo who expended public funds to uphold the wrongful conviction of Lori Thaner. Time for a purge? Some tar and feathers for Colangelo and his sidekick cunts Denise Smoker and Justina Moore? Two bitches argued on behalf of the State that a mother is a criminal for not beating her children? Seriously? Is it time to lynch the State’s Attorney Office?

Time to call out Chief Justice Robinson for picking a child abuser and fellow pedophile to head the appellate court. All mothers and real fathers of Connecticut need to kick Judge Bright off the bench for advocating child abuse.

Editor’s Note. This decision smells of Judge Elliot Solomon, protecting his precious criminal custodial interference statute to jail mothers to traffic children. Bright’s new job is likely a pedo reward for this decision. Robinson is pedo or puppet or both.

William Bright Jr. child abuser, pedo trafficker, new head of Connecticut Appellate Court … maybe.
Mom went to jail because kids had ‘issues’ with Robert Thaner.
Pedo Thugs of Norwalk Police Department, hunt mothers in Glastonbury to traffic kids for pedos in Norwalk.
Pedo Cop Jermaine Nash, arrests mothers as favor to pedo dad.
Warning, this nigger is a school resource officer.
Connecticut Appellate Court, en banc tyranny. Five women, four men, pedos rule. Targets?
State’s Attorney Richard Pedo Colangelo, fucks little boys, prosecutes mothers for the state pedo ring. Enemy of mothers everywhere, domestic terrorist and danger to society.