Dr. Perlmutter The Rapist

The jewish game of family court relying on recommendations from the jews of the Frankfurt School of Psychobabble is a noted hallmark in the scam of family law in America. The jews had cause to invent a junk science to provide a foundation for their deviant pleasures of paedophilia. Dr. Sigmund Freud was created to legitimize the perverted jewish practice of raping children. In family court, the same pattern is played out. The need to traffic children is supported by the jewish junk science of psychology. The state provides a license for the quacksters to practice psychobabble, the judge relies on the state’s license to adopt the recommendations of the state ‘expert’ and bing batta boom, mother is cut out of the picture and no one can hear the screams of the raped child. So jewish!

The cleverness of fraud and deceit used by the family court judges to hide the quackery from public scrutiny is of great legal interest. The American court system is a public forum which is subject to public scrutiny under the First Amendment. ‘We the people’ hold right and cause to observe what the jews are doing to children in family court. The jews know this, but need to hide the quackery, lest the goy expose the scam. The family courts all across the country act in unison under AFCC guidelines to always hide the work product of the jewish psychologist, the custody evaluator, the expert, or Satan’s hand. Ever try and look through a court file to examine things like GAL invoices or evaluations? They are either not there or sealed. How exactly does evidence used in a trial conducted under the U.S. Constitution become ‘sealed’?

Let’s examine a typical paedophile jewish psychologist who practices in the realm of Silicon Valley, in San Mateo County, California. Dr. Kenneth B. Perlmutter, Ph.D. claims to be an expert in all things upon which the family court will grant him excessive fees. Judges don’t care what happens to children, so clowns in black like Raymond Swope just substitute Perlmutter’s recommendations as judgments of the court. Swope also fattens his wallet with under the bench kickbacks from these court vendors. Usual behaviour for court authorities who enjoy the rape of children. Despite judicial effort to conceal the psychobabble evidence, it eventually leaks out. Kenneth B. Perlmutter became a blog star in commentary in a few articles, here, here, and here about abuse of children by family court vendors. Statements by kids and parents who found him to be sexually perverse. It is not unusual to find perverts circling family court seeking victims, sort of like stink on shit.

Of greater blog importance is examining his work product, the illusory ‘custody evaluation’ upon which the court rests its feigned judgments regarding children of fit parents. The reports submitted by Perlmutter are all in the same format, regardless of the circumstances. There are no references to methodology, protocol, standards of practice, applicable testing or the like. It is just a personal opinion of a paedophile pal of the judge on how to fuck up a family of divorced parents. Classic jewish injection of discourse into the host society, a true parasitic tactic, straight out of the Talmud. What is the value of the opinion of a paedophile in a court of law? The jewish term of ‘Comprehensive Custody Evaluation’ holds no meaning in law nor in science. Just a scam of the jews on the Christians played in their own courts.

Why would a psychologist concern himself with the number of bathrooms in a house? The type of car mom drives? The new ‘ho dad is fucking? The Orwellian word salad is amazing. Terms like ‘effective parenting’, ‘mature behavior of a child’, ‘child’s poor academic performance attributed to mother’, ‘male role model’, ‘court appointed parenting co-ordinator’, ‘evidence of truth’, ‘extensive interviews’, ‘analysis of school report cards’, ‘future predictions of parental behavior’, ‘birth order of parents’, ‘evaluation of parents’ … ad nauseatum.

Perlmutter claims that the nefarious MMPI test is applicable to custody determination. Of course he cites no published articles or protocols for applying the so called results to a custody matter. For the technical types, the MMPI has been pretty well discredited for any useful purpose other than generating fees for the copyright holder. Like 567 true/false questions hold meaning to parent/child bonds? Just another jewish scam, legitimized by the jewish family court of America.

Dr. Kenneth B. Perlmutter, Ph.D. of Palo Alto, California is just another paedophile practicing psychobabble in family court. His personal opinions of parents are simply bias and prejudice cloaked in the Orwellian dissonance term of ‘evaluation’. The appointment of psychobabblists is not defined by the people of California, it is done by court Rules, written by the jewish judges who run the trafficking operation. The jews have the system wired, completely outside the control of the legislature and hidden from public scrutiny. Time to burn family court to the ground?

Dr. Kenneth B. Perlmutter, Ph.D, psychobabblist, paedophile, of Palo Alto, California.
Jew loving nigger boy, Judge V. Raymond Swope of San Mateo, fucks little boys along with Perlmutter.