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Spotlight: Judge Sybil V. Richards

Well folks, when it is not the rule of law, it is racism.  So let us begin.  Nigger judge protects nigger litigant by ignoring the rule of law to protect nigger from consequences of perjury, fraud, tax evasion and other niggardly crimes.

Here we go again, spotlighting a so called ‘judge’ of the Connecticut Superior Cesspool.  Sybil is a minority and political appointment by gay/pedo/slime Governor Danny Boy Malloy.  His first pick out of the gate as she was on his staff while he was the puppet mayor of Stamford.  Obviously no hanki panki, he does not do women, but Sybil does.  Deviant feathers always flock together.

Sybil does not realize that the public reviews her tricks.  A mother files for modification of child support and Sybil plays her.  First Sybil decides she does not like mom’s financial affidavit.  Claims that the absences of funds from grandparents to help pay for a lawyer, discredits mom.  The financial affidavit does not require disclosure of gifts from third parties passed to fourth parties.  But this is nigger court and Sybil will ignore the practice book and any other rule of the court, including statutes.  The law states that both parties will file financial affidavits to disclose income and other information required for the Connecticut Child Support Worksheet.  Simple, cookbook, straight forward, no jewdicial discretion required.  Not what nigger girl does as she has orders from above to protect the notorious Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. Esq….and that she does.

In full public view, Sybil rules mom is discredited for jewdicially suspected, but unproven errors in her properly filed and sworn financial affidavit.  Couloute never even bothered to file one as nigger sister’s fix was in on the case before he even entered court.

Nigger Sybil states the following from the bench, see transcript  p. 24 at 11:

“She further alleges in this very same motion that she quote, unquote, believes that the plaintiff father’s income has increased but the defendant mother failed to prove this allegation by a fair preponderance of the evidence.”

In nigger Sybil’s racist court, the nigger father does not have to file the financial affidavit printed in black ink on white paper by the white boy Chief Court Administrator like all the other crackers before the court.  In nigger court, niggers are special.  Mom has to prove it to Sybil, without discovery or disclosure.  What fucking evidence?  The nigger boy did not disclose his financial information as required by rule of law!!!  Full, fair and frank dislcosure is a requirment of parents in family court, but Sybil waives it for her nigger pal as directed from above.

Couloute has avoided financial disclosure in courts of five different states in the last nine years.  GA, FL, CT, NY and CA.  The last two are losing their patience with his game and he will soon be answering questions regarding federal tax evasion, racketeering and money laundering.  Does not look like the nigger judges of Connecticut can help this boy who is now living in Georgia.  Wonder if the feds will trace it back to Judge Richards too?

So much for rule of law.  Nigger Racist Judge Sybil Richards is less than honorable, is unfaithful to the law, fails her oath of office and exposes her role in the state child trafficking ring as a pedo protector.

In closing, the mother tried to explain to nigger pedo protector Judge Richards that Mr. Matthew Couloute, the protected nigger litigant had not complied with her subpoena….a point Richards blew off, on the record:

“Judge, you mentioned that there was no financial disclosure by Mr. Couloute.  I subpoenaed his financial information and requested mandatory disclosure, both of which you denied.”  see p.30.

Nigger Judge Richards shut the mother up and barred her from filing any motions without her prior approaval.  So not an American court…..jewish or nigger or both?

Welcome to Connecticut ‘Family’ Court, where laws and kids don’t matter.