Bill Grohs Obit

The world bids goodbye to blog famous William J. Grohs of Watertown, Connecticut. Bill has been a blog star since his debut in July 2017 in a post highlighting our favourite GAL, Mary Brigham. He has appeared in a total of 48 posts highlighting his ability to pay lawyers to use the court to abuse the mother of his two girls.

Without Bill’s money and lecherous divorce attorneys from Woodbury, the blog would have never had DICKHEAD FASANO, arguably a clerks’ office favourite in Waterbury JD. A parade of paedo judges has kept this case going after a dissolution by agreement entered by Judge Bozzuto in July 2011, but since Bill had lots of money, Judge Cutsumpas opened judgement just three months later and the lawyer’s feeding frenzy ran for another eight and a half years, totaling over $600,000 in fees to Michael Fasano, Rose Marie Guiliano and Mary Brigham. Countless motions filed, hearings held, arguments made, which resulted in no change to the original joint custody agreement made freely by Bill, with his original counsel RoseMarie Guiliano and blessed by GAL Brigham in the children’s best interests.

Let’s not forget the judges who catered to Bill’s wallet and helped fuel the pointless post judgement conflict. After Cutsumpas opened Bozzuto’s judgement, he played with it for five years, then Satan’s Sister, Judge Anna Ficeto took over the end of 2016, some pinch hitting by Judge Mary Louise Schofield and Judge Andrew Roraback, Ficeto kept the legal fees flowing, then the case was passed under the table to Judge Mark Gould at RFTD in early 2018. Gould sat on it until January 2020, without making a ruling, then sent it back to Waterbury where Judge Eric Coleman was waiting to attempt to traffic the girls to evil step mother Vicki Frenzel because Bill was dying.

Well, Bill is finally dead and the case is finally over! 3,142 days of post judgement harassment finally comes to an end. The family court no longer has jurisdiction over Bill or his silly motions of contempt and modification. The dispute between dead Bill and the mother of his two daughters is dead, just like Bill. The drama has finally ended. If you enjoyed following Bill’s court room antics and want to say thanks for his blog contributions, then stop by the Carmon Funeral Home in Avon next Thursday between 4-7pm. Funeral mass is at St. Mary Star of the Sea at 10am in Unionville next Friday, not that he is going to heaven.

The blog was always suspicious of what drove the odd behaviour of Bill Grohs and published a post William Grohs: Mental Defect three years ago. Well folks, cancer was eating his brain while lawyers ate away at his wallet. The cancer took his life and the lawyers took his money. In the end, the lawyers got paid and Bill got killed by cancer, the court played along for nearly nine years, serving no purpose at law.

The famous blog will sure miss him and his legal tricks, but the world is a better place without Bill … several lawyers are poorer for it, as well.

Blog’s favourite picture of Bill.
Blog’s favourite picture of Bill’s lawyer, Michael Fasano.(back of head)
Front view of Dickhead Michael Fasano, Bill’s lawyer. He lost his gravy train.