Three Ring Circus

William J. Grohs, the plaintiff, turned what should have been a simple, half-day hearing into a ‘three-ring circus’ of outrageous, incessant discovery and litigation.  He wasted tens of thousands of dollars on depositions, even of his own witnesses; lengthy pretrials, extensive and abusive discovery requests, filing briefs, etc, etc, such that he ran up over $50,000.00 in combined legal fees on a motion that, arguably should never have been filed and even if it did have any merit, should and could have been tried to the court under a few thousand dollars in legal fees.

Once Mr. Grohs had successfully drained the mother’s cash and exhausted her borrowing power by his over-the-top litigation tactics on a go-nowhere motion, he then filed a custody motion; claiming his losing contempt prosecution was a ploy to wipe-out all of the mother’s money and called it a mistrial….which the court agreed.

Mr. Grohs employs the same, over-the-top and outrageous litigation tactics in the custody case.  A retainer fee of not less than $30,000.00 is required to deal with Mr. Grohs custody challenge.  Judge Ficeto farted on this and only awarded $15,000.00 to put the mother at further disadvantage and to benefit the cause of the state pedo ring.

Simply put, no mother has the funds to retain counsel to deal with Mr. Grohs and his lecherous lawyer, Attorney Michael Fasano.  The presence of the notorious GAL Mary Brigham only adds to mother’s expense of providing legal protection to her children.

The only way that the three-ring circus can put on this spectacle is that Judges Schofield, Ficeto and Cutsumpas are sponsoring the big top; enabling insider attorneys Rosemary Guliano, Mary Brigham, Randolph Richardson, Michael Fasano and Julie Fasano to loot families for no purpose at law.  The hidden revelation is that judicial ring masters enable, then profit from such improper court drama.

Connecticut Superior Court at Waterbury is a three-ring circus because the judges want it that way and are taking kickbacks from the lawyers who plunder the families. The story above taken from court file.

William Grohs the madmand
Bill Grohs’ other side