Attempted TRO

Quick update on the rantings of the self-appointed wicked step-mother Vicki Frenzel of Watertown, the famous village which is home to dyke on the byke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto of the Connecticut Superior Court.

Watertown is a strange place, inbred town management, crooked police, pedo chief, cops who steal from charities and where Judge Gold determines that bullets can fly unobstructed through 900 feet of forest.  The water supply is so toxic that it keeps the town mentality down around junior high level, even for the adults.  The child molestation drama surrounding Vicki’s kid Marc Frenzel, a sophomore at Watertown High, does not stop.  William J. Grohs of 227 Woodbury Road is using his large wallet and small brain to drag Marc into court so he can be used in a failed legal strategy to harass the mother of his two daughters Sofi and Evie.

Vicki Frenzel swears under oath that Sofi and Evie’s mother is standing in the bushes staring at Marc, stalking him, staring…..but Vicki, always with smart phone in hand, has no pictures or video of the stalker woman.  Neither does Marc, the tenth grader who also has a smart phone, but has no pictures of the stalker.  Just Vicki’s words on paper….a.k.a. perjury.  None of Marc’s classmates at Watertown High School have witnessed Marc’s stalker either.

So Marc, the kid who molested a little girl, got caught up in a DCF child abuse investigation is now dragged upon the public stage of family court matters.  Vicki shoves words in his mouth about the stalking ex-wife.  Marc has to play the victim of Vicki and Bill’s game of enriching lawyers and abusing mothers of Evie and Sofi.   Poor kid, none of his classmates have seen him stalked, they all have smart phones too.  Not one person can produce evidence that he is being stared at and stalked…..just the sworn words of his mother, forced down her throat by the demented Bill Grohs.

Don’t forget to honk while driving by 227 Woodbury to let the girls know the public is worried about them.  Bill and Vicki work hard to isolate them from friends and family, sort of like prisoners.

Let’s examine the work of jewish lawyer Steven H. Levy who is curiously representing Vicki in her vexatious attack on the ex-wife using her minor child Marc.  Can anyone say ‘fabricated’?  Why would Attorney Levy pursue a frivolous and fraudulent claim of a minor being stalked without any evidence?  No eye witness, nothing but the lies of Vicki Frenzel…..oh, right Steve is jewish and Bill has lots of money….match made in heaven!!!  As notorious dickhead Attorney Michael Fasano has been seen lurking around the TRO hearing, it is pretty obvious what is going on.  All the players get together, make up a story, parade it in front of Judge Wilson Trombley, to malign a mother because she made the error of having two kids with a madman named Bill Grohs.

The first hearing was on 1 November.  An absolute waste of time.  Judge Trombley said to come back in two weeks.  Another hearing on 16 November, the cast of Bill’s drama queens read their scripts but Trombley says ‘continued’.  What of poor boy Marc?  Is he not being stalked by the accused mother of the girl he molested?  No pictures? No evidence?  Just the Connecticut pedo players playing the games they know best.  Read the application for restraining order here.  Total fabrication.  Wonder if Marc is going to get collared for perjury or Vicki?

The pedo family feud problem is that Marc fingered and sexually molested a young girl, which was reported as child abuse by the pediatrician, Bill got mad and GAL Mary Brigham dragged the issue out of the privacy of DCF into the public forum of family court.  Bill spent lots of money for a meaningless modification to his divorce decree, prohibiting the mother from taking the girls to the doctor without his approval.  For those casual observers, this is the classic pedo identifier or red flag, where molesting dicks prohibit their play toys from being seen by professionals who easily identify the sexual abuse.  Pedos must avoid mandatory reporters at all costs!!.  Congrats, Bill Grohs self-identified as a pedophile with the help of Attorney Mary Brigham and Rosemarie Giuliano  in full public view.

Why has Bill kept the girls isolated from mother since 31 August?  Pedos know exactly why young girls are isolated, it is part of the training program to be a toy for perverts.  With two perverts under one roof with two little girls to play with, 227 Woodbury Road is the Watertown pedo play house… one can hear the girls scream.

Now, jew Attorney Steve Levy has his work cut out for him.  How much $$$ must Judge Trombley be paid to issue a restraining order to set Evie and Sofi’s mom up for a felony arrest by pedo police chief John Gavallas??   The thin blue line muscle that guards over child trafficking has to get its cut as well.  Looks like Trombley has not been paid enough as the matter is continued for another hearing, a signal to Levy that payment is deficient.

Citizens of Watertown, keep cameras handy for the unseen stalker who is staring at Marc Frenzel.  Keep honking horns as driving past the pedo play house of 227 Woodbury, keep an eye out for Evie and Sofi Grohs being held prisoner by William J. Grohs.

Be scared, very scared.  These people will do this to children, think what they will do to you!!!

Editor’s note:  Watch this story to see if Vicki Frenzel, the eternal fiancée gets a wedding date out of Bill Grohs for her perjury in court to attack the second ex-wife.


Attorney Steven H. Levy, representing Vicki Frenzel


Watertown Pedo Police Chief John Gavallas


Vicki Frenzel, unmarried step mother


Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority.  Trafficked kids by Bill Grohs.


Wiliam Grohs Aviation?


Dyke on the byke….Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, 415 Winding Brook Farm Road, Watertown.