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More GAL Fees!!!!

For the skeptics who still think that Connecticut Family Court gives a shit about children, here is a newsflash that it is all about money.  Our favourite cancer cunt Attorney Mary Brigham has not been paid and Judge Anna ‘Pedo’ Ficeto is pissed.  Brigham is the guardian ad litem for trafficked little girls in the case of Evie and Sofie Grohs.  Two gifts from God who have not been allowed to hug their mother since 1 August 2017.

The pedo Judge, Anna Ficeto, notorious for the protection of child abuser Matthew Couloute back in 2015 over in Hartford, continues her role as child trafficker in Waterbury along with jew Judge Schofield.  The cesspool of child traffickers is replete with deviants and jews.  But true to form, the real issue is money.  The court runs on money, nothing else.  Attorney Mary Brigham has ensured the isolation of Evie and Sofie from mom, now into the eighth month.  Judge Ficeto ordered the isolation of the children, but in violation of state law, did not place the facts for the isolation on the record, did not articulate her reason to isolate the children, did not issue a protective order, just a rabbinical order of terrorism upon two little girls and their mother….all Christians.

The jewish court will hold a ‘status conference’ on 16 March in Waterbury, before Judge Pedo Ficeto, at the request of the unpaid cancer cunt GAL Brigham.  The most important issue before the court of child trafficking is the unpaid invoice of Attorney Brigham, which means the judge is not getting her cut of the spoils that the mother has been ordered to pay for her children to be taken away.  Not the rule of law, not the best interest of children, simply money.  Time to recognize that the family court is all about destroying families, destruction of childhood, thievery and extortion.

The usual suspects are Attorney Brigham, Dickhead Attorney Michael Fasano, Judge Anna Ficeto, child rapist Judge Leo Diana, dyke on the byke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, Family Relations Child Molester Chris Haddad and his underling deviant Katie O’Connor, a so called ‘counselor’.  Let’s not forget the funding source of this seven year old divorce case, the mentally defective and closet pedo William J. Grohs.  Fine upstanding insurance salesman who proves his manliness by using his two daughters as weapons of ego minor against the woman he once claimed he ‘loved’.  What a guy!!!  Do not buy a used car from this madman.

So come to the cesspool at Waterbury Courthouse on Friday, 16 March at 10 am.  Watch the family court machine operate outside the rule of sanity, extort money from a penniless mother, to pay for the court abuse of child trafficking, all in violation of state and federal law, but upheld by the rabbinical family court under the rule of King Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon and his Talmudic rule over Connecticut.  Bring popcorn, watch a mother get dragged off to prison by the power of the jewish court.

Cancer cunt child predator Mary Pedo Brigham will demand another mother be jailed in the best interest of the children!  Judge Ficeto will do her master’s bidding.

Face it….We the people of Connecticut are just the goy which allows the Jews to claim their chosen status.  The jew judges will steal your children and your money to bring down the wrath and revenge of Kundry upon a Christian society.  They will also rape your four legged offspring while laughing at goy law.

Be scared, very very scared, the jew court devours children, money is paramount, kids don’t matter.

Cancer Cunt Mary Brigham

Judge Ficeto, ‘spic Child Trafficker

Dyke on the byke family court judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, child trafficker.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler, child predator.

Dickhead Michael Fasano

William Grohs the madmand

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

Bill Grohs’ other side

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority.