Cancerous Cunt Brigham…at it again!

The cancerous cunt Attorney Mary ‘Satan’s Sister’ Brigham is at it again.  She is now fucking over kids for $350/hr, even while driving to the courthouse.  Another clingon GAL milking a simple divorce matter for seven years.  Think if she was such a good GAL, the matter would not be still going to court seven years after it started?  See the game?

Mother is on food stamps, but Judge Marielouise Schofield orders immediate payment to the GAL over two grand or go to jail….jews are at it again!  Don’t feed the kids, pay the GAL….and the judge.  Kickbacks are tax free!

Yes folks, the jewish GAL racketeering game is alive and well.  Doting judges like drool boy Lloyd Cutsumpas ensures bottom tier legal lizard lesbians of Woodbury have some ill gotten gains.  Scum child traffickers like Judge Anna Ficeto and the notorious sting artist Judge Mary Louise Schofield ensure marks like William Grohs of Watertown shell out lots of cash in an attempt to steal the kids and erase mom from the lives of her babies.

William Grohs is an easy mark for the low life attorneys camped around Waterbury Family Court.  A flim flam insurance salesboy with more money than brains.  He is conned into believing that Michael Fasano and his inbred family law firm has pull with the judges to ignore the law and traffick two little girls.  Duffy&Fasano is not a real law firm, just some rotten apples at the bottom of the barrel who sell court corruption to help judges make a buck; under the table of course.  Money, no brains and a mental defect, William Grohs spends over a hundred thousand dollars to re litigate a six year old divorce matter; a splendid example of pedo manhood.  See case detail.

Regarding manhood, this clown Grohs settled his divorce by agreement, with joint custody and primary residence with mom.  Cunt Brigham was the GAL then too.  Now six years later he wants to renege on his agreement, take sole custody and erase mother from the lives of her babies…..lack of manhood is profound.  Anyone want to buy insurance from this guy?

Our crawling cancer tumor Mary Brigham is brought on the case to do what she does best, inflame litigation, lie, cheat, steal and traffic kids for the parent with lots of cash.  Her new rate of $350/hr reflects that times are tough in Connecticut and the judges have upped their under the table fees as well.  Her invoices reveal the money game.  Her correspondence reveals her trickery; protected by jewdicial immunity.

Now we have the Fasano clowns teamed with the Brigham devil in front of the Schofield jew, in the sixth year of post judgment litigation, a 72 month gravy train funded by Doofus Grohs’ mental defect; graciously hosted by jewdicial discretion.  The litigation is not in the best interest of the kids; just best interest of lawyer wallets.

Curious to note that this is another Brigham GAL case where the kids never got a legal child support order.  What his her game on this?

Stay tuned, this one will blow up shortly, the psycho is getting nothing for all the cash he has paid the players.