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Update: Dickhead Fasano

A quick update on child predator and famous Dickhead Attorney Michael Fasano in his representation of Madman William Grohs.

Remember that pedo Judge Anna Ficeto isolated Evie and Sophie from their mother on August 31st of last year.  No reason was given, no memo of decision issued, just jewdicial discretion to break up another Christian family; destruction of maternal parental bonds absent a state interest.  Talmudic edicts issued from a state court in violation of statute which requires ‘active and consistent involvement’ of both parents (46b-56 (b)).  But Fasano and the devil’s whore Attorney Mary Brigham are making money trafficking kids in Connecticut’s family court jewish cesspool…..literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Talmudic rule of four judges have not allowed Evie and Sophie to hug their mother or their cousins, aunts, uncles or grandparents in eight months.  No Halloween, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no New Year, no Valentines, no Easter, no birthdays.  Judge Ficeto started it, then Judge Trombley upheld it along with Judge Taylor and now it is before the pedo master Judge Leo Diana in RFTD at Middletown.  Four so-called judges violating state statutes, trafficking children, betraying their oaths and revealing the child trafficking game of the jews in black.  Now, after months of waiting for a trial scheduled for this past week, one hearing was held, the trial cancelled, another hearing scheduled a month and a half down the road and….wait for it…..NO visitation between mother and daughters.  The court is applying psychological torture to the mother and the kids at the request of the demented father and his pedo pals.  The devil’s playground, the jews’ sandbox is family court of Connecticut.  Say it again….Judges Ficeto, Trombley, Taylor and Diana….all adhering to the teachings of Chief Jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon.

Remember that the professional state employees of the court’s Family Relations Division, Chris Haddad and Katie O’Connor wrote a ‘professional report‘ on the taxpayer’s dime stating that William Grohs is the problem in the family and that there should be no change to custody/visitation….but that was just tax dollars down the drain as the state pedos and their judges have Talmudic cause to rape two little girls for deviant pleasure so attorneys can pocket Daddy Grohs’ money….lot’s of money….family court is Simply Money….just ask Baby Aaden.  All that GAL Mary Cancer Cunt Brigham has done since August is to keep the girls isolated from mother and complain to Judge Ficeto that she has not been paid for her ‘services’.  Needless to say that the judges are getting a lick off of Daddy Groh’s wallet.

Save the date!!! Next hearing on the continued trafficking, isolation, rape and abuse of Evie and Sophie is on 22 May, 9:30am in the pedo’s Star Chamber (RFTD) at Middletown before child rapist and Connecticut jurist Judge Leo Diana.

In the meantime, no one can hear the children scream.

Editor’s Note:  As all the players in this case are pretend Christians, it is obvious that this is a matter of Talmudic pedophilia.  GAL Mary Brigham is a Catholic, but she is behaving well outside her religion.  This case has no hope of ending well, the girls are truly in danger.   It is also of interest that William Grohs’ previous attorney, the nefarious  Rosemarie Giuliano had to fire her money bag client as she knew he was lying under oath.  Dickhead Fasano has no problem with that.

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority.

William Grohs the mad man.

Bill Grohs ‘other side’. Deviant child abuser.

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation?

GAL cunt

Dickhead Michael Fasano

Fasano Crime Family in other form.

Attorney Dickhead Michael Fasano, viewed from the back.

Baby Aaden is hoping that Daddy Grohs does not kill Evie and Sophie.  Little voice of experience.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler…gleefully enjoying the destruction of the Groh family.  Kundry’s revenge on the goyim.