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The famous blog takes this solemn opportunity to close the chapter on the relationship between blog star William Grohs and his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano. After heaping hundreds of thousands of dollars upon Attorney Fasano to drag his second ex-wife through years of post-judgment litigation to undo his own agreement to divorce, Bill Grohs spoke from beyond his grave to deride Fasano’s legal inabilities. Bill’s dying wish included a stark appraisal of his lawyer’s work. It is more than curious that a New Will executed just days before Bill’s imminent death from brain cancer would fire his lawyer, but this is Connecticut!

Bills loving, gold digging, trailer trash, tramp of a girlfriend, recently turned wife, Vicki Cann Frenzel did swear to the court on 8 January ’20 that money bags Billy Boy was dying in ICU, incapacitated, and only had days to live. On 26 January, Vicki helped not yet quite dead yet, incapacitated, loving husband execute a NEW will on his death bed, witnessed by ‘friends’. The new will gave Vicki $350k, her son Mark $45k, while the incapacitated Bill allegedly executed a quit claim deed giving the soon to be widow the house. Bill could not even sign the document, so Vicki helped.

The bloglicious element of Vicki’s version of the Last Will and Testament is that he maligned Attorney Michael Fasano from the grave. “I knowingly and intentionally confirm that under no circumstances nor conditions shall my former attorney MICHAEL FASANO, SR. be involved in any way, shape or manner with my person or my Estate, nor shall any of the documents I formerly drew up with him as my attorney, all of which I am now revoking and destroying in their entirety, be used for any reason.”

Such a client testimonial to ‘super lawyer’ Michael Fasano may be the greatest of all times. Duffy&Fasano should put it at the top of their website to let everyone know what effect Fasano can leave on a dying client. The blog declares that such endorsement of Dickhead Fasano, secures the blog label of DICKHEAD upon him, for all eternity.

William J. Grohs was a great blog star, a dickhead, and a total asshole. Other articles on Bill and his demented antics in family court over the last several years: Bill Grohs Obit, Bill Grohs At It Again!, Consumer Protection, Update: Dickhead Fasano, Pleadings of a Madman and his Lawyer, Three Ring Circus, Family Court Pschosis: A Disease.

Editor’s Note: Bill’s New Will, the Vicki version, clearly states that Fasano is his ‘former attorney’ on 26 January, but Fasano appeared in family court on 14 February, supposedly representing Bill in a custody dispute. Did Vicki Frenzel commit fraud with the New Will, but erred by not telling Fasano he was out? Attorney Linda Dewhirst signed the document, but did not inform fellow Bar buddy he was out? If Fasano knew he was the ‘former attorney’, why did he show up in court? Surely a competent Bill, lying on his death bed, incapacitated with only days to live, would have called Fasano to terminate his representation in family court … right?

Strange signature on Bill’s New Will, by a man of sound and dispensing mind and memory.