Danger Levy

Can the practice of family law in Connecticut get any worse? Can lawyers get any more despicable? Can the lies get any more outrageous? Well, of course, this is Connecticut where the lawyers are unrestrained rabid dogs who shred the law and children for personal gain, all under the doting care of their judicial masters.

Steve Levy is a so-called lawyer preying on children from his office in Torrington, along with his lecherous pals Bill Conti, Bob Salerno and viper bitch Melissa Antonio. Levy has taken up the challenge of defeating all elements of human decency by representing blog star Vicki Frenzel in her kidnapping of Evie and Sophie Grohs’ trust funds. Remember Vicki is white trailer trash who banged William Grohs for years as the live-in concubine while cutting hair at the Platinum Salon in Oxford. Her boytoy croaked in early March, leaving her the house, but not much else. Vicki’s new claim is that she is the real mother to his daughters Evie and Sophie, rather than the woman who conceived the children with Bill and brought them into this world. Vicki is having an ‘episode’ to say the least, as she has her own son Mark to care about … or not.

Levy does not have much good to say about Vicki, instead he attacks the mother. In Levy’s twisted mind he claims that mother is a danger to the girls and society and with a wink, a nod and some under the table cash to the family court judge, Vicki gets the girls and their trust funds. Of course this is how Levy gets paid for his ‘professional services’; robbing children.

Levy states in court filings that “the court has found that the mother’s actions pose a danger to the girls.” But the funny thing is that the court made no such finding. Levy can’t name the judge who made the ‘danger’ finding nor does he reference the memo of decision that documents same, as there isn’t one. Levy just lies, which is the game in Connecticut Family Court…lies, lies, lies, lawyer fees, and more lies.

If a judge ever did find that a mother was a danger to the ‘fruit of her womb’, then the law requires that the court notify Department of Children and Families, so that they may do their executive branch duty to protect the children. It is not a court function to find children in danger then look away. Even blog famous Joette Katz stated this in her opinion in State Supreme Court case Fish v Fish back in 2008. Katz claimed that she had ‘full faith’ that the court would not turn a blind eye to such ‘danger’.

Has Levy paid off the judge club to the degree he can just lie to the state’s highest court? Is he so protected by the judicial pedo ring that all he needs to do is provide some nasty lies about a mother and ‘poof’ like magic the trust funds and the attached girls belong to a former concubine of the dead dad? Is Levy just a conspirator to child trafficking? Is the family court system just a child snatching operation for the pedo ring of Connecticut, funded by the public under the guise of ‘law’, trading children like cattle, erasing parents for financial gain of nutmeg perverts?

Let’s not kid ourselves about what is going on. Again there is a jew playing games with the law to traffic children to the rules of the Talmud. And who is standing next to Levy fanning the flames of conflict to generate legal fees and destroy mother-child bonds? It is blog star Attorney Mary Brigham, the infamous cancer cunt of Waterbury, J.D., the pedo GAL muscle telling the puppet judges what to do for the pleasure of the most deviant beings on the planet.

Oi vey! What must Christians do to purge society of the likes of Levy and Brigham? The devil works in mysterious ways, sometimes he looks like a family court lawyer, sometimes a judge. In the battle of good and evil, these family court lizards will soon fall and the world will be a better place.

Pedo child traffickers of Torrington
Devil’s Hand of Waterbury JD, Mary Brigham, child trafficker
Attorney Steven H. Levy, lies through his teeth to steal children.
Vicki Frenzel, concubine to the deceased William Grohs, trust fund thief