Spotlight: Judge Schofield

If ugly court corruption had a mascot it would look like Jabba the Hut’s little sister, Judge Marielouise Schofield of Waterbury.  A master sting artist parading as the face of justice in a civilized society.  Time to take a look at how Judge Schofield skillfully employs the Guardian ad litem to hit her marks for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The court is about making money for lawyers and judges, not about law, not about best interest of the children, not about equity.  Cold hard cash.

Let’s go back and look at the merry trickster’s game in the post judgement custody scam of Nowacki v. Nowacki.  Two parents who separate and divorce by agreement in June of 2005.  Susan doesn’t want to be married anymore, files for divorce, less than a hundred docket items and a year later she is free and loose.  Pretty simple.  Three years pass with no court involvement.  But then in September 2008, family lawyer scam comes into play dragging rich parents back into court for the post judgement fuck fest.  Another five and a half years of litigation, another 300 docket entries, a pointless custody battle, the lawyers laughed all the way to the bank, judges too.

This is where Judge Schofield’s tricks are revealed.  There was no GAL for the Nowacki kids during the divorce proceedings.  But legal lizard and devout Zionist, the chosen Attorney Veronica Reich was appointed post judgement to inflame the family, lie, cheat and steal with jewdicial immunity.  A classic Talmud attack of the goyim.  The trick was that Judge Schofield told GAL Reich to file a modification request on behalf of the children, thus igniting the most lucrative family court scam:  post judgement custody battle.  GAL Reich walked away with $250,000 out of Mike’s pocket for services no one requested, for the sole purpose of enriching lawyers and Judge Marielouise Schofield.

Of note, Guardian ad litems are not joined in suit and have no legal standing in common law to file any papers with the court.  But jews don’t follow common law.

Needless to say the $250k was invisible to the tax man, no IRS 1099 reporting.  Mike was jailed for refusing to pay the graft.  It is safe to say that such a windfall did not stay in GAL Reich’s pocket.  At least half was slipped under the table to the enabling jewdicial authority.  Counsel who represented Mike and Susan were there to play along and bill to the max.  Every dollar possible was drained from the parents savings.  The Nowacki’s thought it was law, but they were marks of Schofield’s sting.  Everyone in the Stamford, JD courthouse knew these people had money.  That is the purpose of financial disclosure in family court….target the money, ignore the poor folks.

So let’s examine the present day case Grohs v Grohs where we find Judge Schofield in the slums of Waterbury with slim pickings for litigants with money.  The mark is William Grohs who is an aviation insurance broker  in Watertown, worth a few million and collects Corvettes for fun.  The ex wife has no money and with Schofield’s sting soon will have no kids.  Judge Schofield is using the notorious Attorney Mary Piscatelli Brigham to be the immune player to agitate and inflame the Grohs family.  William is the mark, his money will be drained by the inbred Fasanos at Duffy&Fasano, mom will be left without counsel as it is easier to abuse a pro se litigant.  Brigham employs threats and intimidation tactics against the mother; psychological warfare works well when there is no legal basis to strip kids from the mother.  Brigham is a master at this tactic.  No law, just abuse.  The post judgement fuck fest has been on for six years and Mr. Grohs does not yet realize he is just the mark of the sting.

The illusion is that the joint custody, primary residence with mom agreement of the parties made in 2011 is no longer in the best interest of the children, two little girls, 8 and 10 who have had a stable environment since they were 2 and 4.  Brigham even terrorizes the children to the point they are in fear of her.  The claim to the court is it is in the best interest to catastrophically upset kids’ lives, erase their mom,  move them to dad’s house with predator step sibling.  Every little girl should be forcably penetrated by a half brother.  The Fasano child trafficking team is using private investigators, purposeless depositions, subpoenas; all as a witch hunt to paint mother black; funded by commissions from William’s aviation insurance firm.  After all, the boy makes a pittance for weekly income, his company has to pay all the bills for him, like maligning a mother is a business expense….just ask the IRS.

So we have Judge Schofield using the GAL, under protection of immunity to pour gasoline on this family and light it up for the sole purpose of driving the revenue stream to the Fasano’s, Brigham, court vendors and of course Schofield’s own pocket.  The litigation will be protracted, billing one hour at a time, it takes years to drain William’s bank accounts.

Schofield’s hand is revealed has she just gave the GAL ‘permission’ to file a contempt motion against the mother for non-payment of $2,300 for her professional sting services.  A mother struggling to feed her kids on a meager income will soon be jailed for not paying the GAL fees.  Sound familiar?  Sound like ‘best interest of children’.  State sponsored terrorism is alive and well.

Stay tuned folks, the Brigham & Schofield Comedy Show is hitting prime time.