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Spotlight: Judge Anna M. Ficeto

The public has a right to know just how stupid family court judges really are.  Let’s face it, the top shelf jurists do not set goals of presiding over family matters.  It is more like the bottom of the barrel, where incompetence goes to die.  For reference, Judge Gerard I. Adelman stated publicly and under oath that Connecticut Family Court judges do not want to hear family cases.  Watch him say it:  Video.

Combine incompetence with dislike for the job and thus the cesspool.  Take Judge Anna M. Ficeto, not a very smart individual, really not cut out to be a judge, but she has a black robe and the court is stuck with her.  She is so stupid as to hold a hearing for an EMERGENCY motion, but there is no court practice of taking up emergencies six years after a divorce.  She plays along with the lawyer charade and holds an emergency hearing, pocketing the under the table commission $$$.  The practice confused lawyer demands a modification to custody.  Ficeto is so clueless she fails to uphold the statutory requirement that a fee of $180 is required to be paid before a hearing can be held, but hey it’s an ’emergency’ right?

Of more frightening incompetence is Ficeto’s lack of understanding of ‘custody’.  Two divorced parents have joint legal and physical custody of their kids, meaning the parents are parents and the state cannot interfere.  So what happens next in open court, on the record, in full public view?  Bird brain Ficeto states that she will not change custody, but then goes on to enter orders telling the parents what to do with their own kids, meaning the court has modified custody.  Hilarious, comical, retarded, but truly sad.  The judge does not know that she is modifying custody by issuing orders about the kids.

The last time SCOTUS addressed a custody matter, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote the opinion in Troxel v Granville, which affirms that parents holding custody of their children are in charge of their kids.  When Ficeto stated that “I am not changing custody”, the hearing was over.  See partial transcript.   But she then stuck her judicial foot in her judicial pie hole and babbled on about entering orders requiring the custodial parents to restrict the children’s access to the internet, lest they find a blog about how their father, his lawyer, the GAL and the corrupt court is destroying a family through senseless litigation.

The court has no business telling divorced parents how to censor reality for their children.  Ficeto is fearful that the kids will see the world the way it is, that the family court is harming them, so she orders censorship.  Ficeto adjudicated that blogs about the corruption of family court are harmful to children; requiring censorship and prior restraint; all in violation of the First Amendment.

Congrats to Judge Ficeto, she does not know the legal definition of custody nor does she have a clue about the First Amendment.  She has adjudicated that public scrutiny of public matters in a public forum is harmful to children.  Such being contrary to Judge Munro’s finding that “publicity is the price you pay for litigation”.  Perhaps Ficeto could just recognize that William Grohs is the antagonist, dismiss all his motions, hit him with a Strobel order restricting his senseless filings and call an end to the lawyer scam of picking his pocket.

In Strobel v. Strobel the appeallate court recognized that a post judgment lawyer revenue scam hurts the children; senseless litigation for billable hours.  If Ficeto could pull her head out of her ass to recognize that the father has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over six years to abuse the mother and the kids; by filing barrages of repetitive and abusive motions, engaging in abusive legal tactics with his dickhead lawyer and cunt GAL ; now on his second law firm, in ceaseless vindictive attacks of hostility against the mother; such activities being abusive to the judicial system and to his own children.

Maybe the kids should know how much money the lawyers took off dad with no change to the decree in six years.

It is well within Ficeto’s discretion to issue a cease and desist order against the father, dismiss the GAL and refer all lawyers who have played the court for cash to disciplinary counsel for punishment.  Let’s see if she is reading this blog.