Spotlight: Judge Wilson J. Trombley

Time to spotlight another terrorist in a black robe doing the work of the Connecticut state pedo ring.  Judge Wilson J. Trombley is still entertaining the case of the invisible stalker out of Watertown, Connecticut.  Remember Watertown?  The home of dyke on the byke Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto, where Judge Gold determines that bullets can fly unobstructed through 900 feet of forest.  Where the pedo Police Chief John Gavallas arrests mothers for no reason other than simple cash in the pocket from pedo’s like William J. Grohs.  A strange place indeed.

This nut job in a black robe, Trombley, having an unhealthy attraction to the back end of little boys is doing the state deviant jewdicial act of abusing the mother of Evie and Sofi Grohs.  Before Trombley is the claim of the insane hairdresser, Vickie Frenzel, the duped five year fiancee of pedo man and narcissist William J. Grohs.  Vickie has SWORN that Kelly Smith Grohs is stalking the minor sexual pervert Marc Frenzel….her son.  Vickie claims all sorts of terrible stalking and harassing conduct by the mother of Evie and Sofi; who are also victims of Marc’s past sexual adventures.  Read the narrative put forth by Vickie in her SWORN  TRO Application.   Note that for all the stalking, staring, harassing, there is no supporting evidence by Watertown’s thin blue pedo line.  Looks like William J. Grohs can force his fiancee to perjure herself in court, but could not come up with the cash for Chief Gavallas to confirm the existence of the stalker.  He did the next best thing, he hired a jewish lawyer, Steve Levy, to push the scam in front of Trombley…..oh the drama!

Trombley has Act III of his comedic opera on Tuesday at the Waterbury Courthouse, 400 Grand.  He has no evidence before him of the stealth stalker of Marc Frenzel, sophomore at Watertown High School.  Just perjured words on paper by Vickie Frenzel, who dragged poor little Marc on to the public stage of civil court in false accusation against his victim’s mother at the direction of his victim’s father, under the counsel of the overpaid dickhead of Woodbury, Attorney Michael Fasano, Sr. ; the older fucktard of Duffy&Fasano, LLP.  Just pedo players doing what they need to completely isolate Evie and Sofi Grohs from their mother.  Don’t want the girls telling mom what dad and Marc are doing to them while held prisoner at 227 Woodbury Road in Watertown…..might cause another DCF sex abuse investigation.

Bring popcorn, Tuesday’s drama is already scripted, poor Marc Frenzel is a victim of stalking by nobody for which pedo Judge Trombley will declare by jewdicial direction that nobody is Kelly Smith Grohs, mother of Marc’s victims, where she will be further maligned by the pedo ring of Waterbury.  Next, little boy penetrator, Chief John Gavallas will set up the sting to have Marc run into his victim’s mother in the grocery store, where his thing blue pedo goons will be hiding in the vegetable section with tasers and cuffs; felony warrant signed in advance by Trombley.  Classic pedo play….so obvious, so pedo, so unlawful, so Connecticut.  Judge Bozzuto is proud!!!

Honk when you drive by 227 Woodbury Road, let the Grohs girls know that the public cares for them.  Don’t forget popcorn for the hearing on Tuesday 5 December, see the victim Marc Frenzel perjure himself about being stalked and stared at.

Judge Wilson J. Trombley will be showing his true pedo colors.


Prison of Evie and Sofi Grohs.

Self appointed unmarried stepmother

Bill Grohs’ other side

Dyke on Byke

Vicki Frenzel, unmarried step mother

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish athority.

Kids can’t scream

William Grohs the madmand

Dickhead Michael Fasano

Cancer Cunt Mary Brigham

Bozzuto child trafficker

Judge Gold ruled that this shot can be made!!

Watertown, CT, pedo Chief of Police John Gavallas

Attorney Steven H. Levy, representing Vicki Frenzel

The real law of family court.

WHS….Attended by stalked victim Marc Frenzel, in need of restraining order.

William Grohs Aviation?