William Grohs: Mental Defect

Time to examine the continuing demented un-father like behavior of William J. Grohs of Watertown.  He was recently seen holding his two daughters in captivity on a school holiday, caged at his house and his office, isolated from friends, family and of course their own mother.  The last time Evie and Sofi hugged their mom was 31 August.  Mom and Dad live less than two miles apart in Watertown.  Honk as you drive past 227 Woodbury Road to let the girls know that the Town is worried for them.

William Grohs is underwhelmed with his manhood that allows him to abuse his own girls, intentionally inflicting emotional harm on everyone.  It excites him, it gives him pleasure, it feeds his mental defect.  William comes from a long line of humanoids of defective genetic stock inbred from Connecticut colonial times.  His family tree is dripping with stories of familial discord, unhappiness and most strikingly his maternal side holds a deep-rooted hatred for mother figures.  The males in this line share a common trait of treating women like shit.  Wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters are objects to be villainized, abused, mistreated.  They also serve to stoke Grohs’ overly sensitive male ego, as he rationalizes blame on his own mother for the early death of his father.  Such anomaly in the human grieving process is indicative of an organic failure of the mind.  Women must be blamed for his own reality of life.

The historic Grohs familial discord manifests itself in William’s adult life.  He is an adulterous predator.  He  hunts women as prey; a form of escape and power from any immediate relationship.  Artificial inflation of a delicate male ego by copulation conquests being a measure of personal self-worth.  No reason to be committed, loyal, christian or even act like a gentleman around a neighbor’s wife, when he can demonstrate primal jungle skills of casual penetration of meaningless females.  Of more disturbing observation is that he would rather fuck a neighbor’s wife than send a birthday card to his own brother.  Terrifying reality is that he does not even have a relationship with his older brother Raymond, who suffers from the same Grohs defects; failed marriages, disrespect for women, internal family hatred, anti-social behaviors.  In short, the Grohs family tree is a train wreck that has not come to a stop.  Evie and Sofi are the new generation victims to this ancient family curse.  Demented William spends hundreds of thousands of dollars over six years with the singular obsessive goal of harming the mother of his own kids, a truly consistent performance of the hereditary mental defect.  A six-year obsessive court campaign holding no legal purpose.  Just another manifestation of the hereditary mental defect.

His track record of marriage betrays the underlying disorder.  Two failed marriages of curiously short durations.  The first marriage never had an anniversary before it was over.  Thankfully the marriage was childless.  Second marriage ended before the youngest daughter could walk.  Presently, William, now 56, masquerades with a live in fiancée, Vickie Frenzel, the self-appointed step mother to the girls.  She has been a fiancée longer than William has been married.  Five years of living in the promise of a wedding day without so much as a save the date card suggests that Vickie knows the game.  Sigmund Freud scholars can write a book on this guy and his problems with women.  Only curiously missing puzzle piece is who is William currently fucking on the side, of whom Vickie is unaware.

The two adorable gifts from God, have a chance as the Grohs defect appears to manifest itself in the male offspring,  The girls may have been saved by their maternal family tree which is the antithesis of  Grohs’.  A long line of Irish Catholic stock, belief in God, church, family, respect for mothers and marriage.  A loving family, headed by elder patriarchs of a long marriage, eight children, twenty grand children, all under God’s blessings.

The family court holds cause to have William Grohs professionally examined.  Family Relations Cult ‘counselor’ Katie O’Connor under the supervision of Chris Haddad conveniently left out the above from the state’s evaluation….read Katie’s substandard work here.  Mother’s court request to have father’s mental defect formally studied in all three axes by a professional psychiatrist was instantly denied by Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  Needless to say all the players know the mental defect exists, but conspire to conceal it in effort to traffic the girls and line lawyers pockets from Williams massive bank accounts.

It is quite curious that William’s lawyer, the infamous dickhead Michael Fasano of the Fasano crime family, continues pleading to the court that the mother needs therapy.  Time for William to look in the mirror.

Honk in Watertown if you are scared for Evie and Sophi Grohs……227 Woodbury Road.