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The Gould Conundrum

The pedo players of Corrupticut Family Court have put Judge Mark Gould in a corner.  The illegal isolation game played by pedo Judge Anna Ficeto has blown up in Judge Gould’s courtroom, in full public view.

Judge Ficeto illegally separated Evie and Sophie Grohs of Watertown from their loving mother and extended Christian family.  A jew’s trick on the gentiles.  Ignoring state law requiring constant hugs from parents, Ficeto did not document any reason for the child isolation, the state held no interest, no restraining order issued, just the discretion of a monster in a black robe working for the pedo ring.  Now a year on, Judge Gould had to stop the proceedings in the RFTD Star Chamber as Attorney David DeRosa has been found to be incompetent counsel.   DeRosa is admitted to the Bar by the judges and has the label of ‘superlawyer’.  Curiously, he has not filed a single motion on behalf of the mother of any legal merit since his appearance in February, yet by his invoices, he has done alot of ‘legal’ work and surprisingly enough the children remain completely isolated from their mother… no hugs, by order of the pedo court.

This past Tuesday, at proceedings in the RFTD Star Chamber, the fabricated case exploded, when Judge Gould called off the proceedings because the court could no longer ignore that Attorney David DeRosa is an absolute idiot of such incompetence as to impede due process.  Examined and admitted to the Bar by the jewdicial mafia itself, this dodo bird brought the court to its knees.  The fine state of family court law exposed for all to see.  But true to form, Judge Gould kept Judge Ficeto’s child trafficking order in place, denying any chance of mother-daughter hugs … child abuse being a hallmark of the pedo court.  Judges Ficeto, Taylor, Roraback, Trombley, Albis and Schofield have all supported the illegal isolation of Evie and Sofie without a shred of documentation as to why.  Child trafficking has its own secret judicial rules  contained in the secret Family Court Benchbook.

Let’s take a moment to scrutinize the legal question before the court brought by dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano.  He has been attacking mother for the last several years for anything that demented father William J. Grohs will pay for.  We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This time it is that mom took her kid to the doctor.  Yep, you read that right, a mother takes the kid to the doctor and Judge Ficeto takes the kids away.  The drama is that mom took daughter to the pediatrician as she had been molested by Vickie Frenzel’s son Mark.  DCF was called in and Attorney Mary Brigham, the GAL for the girls, dragged the issue before the family court, making a public spectacle.  A little girl is the victim of molestation by Mark Frenzel and the family court attacks the mother for seeking professional medical help.  Can you spell p-e-d-o court?  The demented William Grohs, having no concern that his concubine’s fatherless son molested his own daughter, gets a hard on, summons dickhead Fasano to drag mother into court to face contempt charges for caring for her child.  That is pedo, p-e-d-o.   Of course the court has no jurisdiction to prevent a mother from seeking medical services for her child, not doing so would be neglect in a Christian society, but in the pedo world of Corrupticut, the judges will take your kids away just for seeing the doctor.  Just another day in Pedoville.

Judge Gould is stuck.  The cat is out of the bag that the court is railroading mother on contempt charges, using the children as weapons of litigation, executing pedo ring orders, breaking the law, acting beyond powers of the court, trafficking two gifts from God.  The court cannot proceed as DeRosa will soon be dismissed by the court for incompetence.  The court must dismiss Attorney Fasano’s frivolous contempt claim that mother took the kid to the doctor.  The girls must be returned to the mother and the State needs to look at the liability incurred to taxpayers for what is a grotesque public display of judicial child trafficking.  Needless to say, Judge Ficeto’s reappointment vote in the House is going to be taken off calendar.

The only question remaining is what will the big black man in the black robe do to clean up the cesspool of family court and its child trafficking rings?  Chief Justice Richard Robinson sits in full view of the trafficking of Evie and Sophie.  The black man has no purpose to support the pedophile games of white jews and their deviant colleagues.  There is no cause in the black man’s world to twist the judiciary to be a slave to the pedophiles of Connecticut.  As the legislature took action to debench Judge Jane Emons, the Black Chief Justice has the power to disbar ‘super lawyers’ Fasano, Brigham, DeRosa and to remove Ficeto and Gould from the family bench.

The sad legacy of Connecticut is that the pedo ring will eventually take the Black Chief Justice across to the Dark Side…….in Connecticut Family Court, no one can hear the children scream.