Con Artist: Attorney Mary Brigham

Time to examine more details of the Connecticut Family Court Guardian Ad Litem scam.  Parents are the marks, judges are the racketeers and attorneys are the hustlers.  Our favorite legal miscreant Mary Brigham shows how it is done.

First, start with a very non specific appointment order by inside jewdicial authority Judge Anna M. Ficeto; a pathetic brainless political insider better suited for bartisian backstabbing than service on the bench.  This demented moron issues an appointment order  granting Brigham a license to steal.  The only specific is $350/hr for whatever cancer cunt cares to bill.

Second, Brigham translates the order into an agreement which she forces on the parents.  Brigham adds fees for her retarded secretary at $120/hr.  Claims billing for travel, waiting in the court lobby, picking her nose, xerox fees.  She even claims her fees are ‘child support’.  Hilarious!  Ever seen a kid supported at the rate of $350/hr?  The cunt demands payment within ten days of billing.  Then claims she will add 18% interest to late payments.  Extortion or just that special quality of attorneys in our society to fuck up anyone they want with jewdicial blessing?  Usury is a jewish speciality.

Why does a GAL need to hire a sheriff?  Enumerates this fee in her bullshit extortion agreement, but in reality cannot use a sheriff.  Crazy or what?

Brigham states in her agreement that she will violate state law by destroying the GAL file after six years, when statute requires the record to be maintained by the court until the child turns 18.  Written statement by an attorney that she will violate statute; just awesome.  See CGS 46b-115j, Preservation of Records.

See the racket?  See the scam?  See how the judge enables GAL extortion?  The parental payments are not reported to the IRS and the kickback to the judge never sees the light of day.

Money is so important, not the best interests of the children, just cold hard cash.  Brigham leaves a beautiful out for the wise parent.  She states:  “Should my bills not be paid when due, I reserve the right to withdraw my representation of you.”

Game on, don’t pay the GAL bill and Brigham will withdraw….wonderful….guess who is not getting paid.

Public scrutiny of jewish crooks in a public forum is a spectator sport.