Connecticut RFTD: Star Chamber

How does the third branch of government create a special star chamber without judicial purpose?  In Connecticut, the state is divided into judicial districts, each with a courthouse replete with judges, magistrates and additional senior judges known as judge trial referees who are semi-retired judges on staff to handle caseload.  For the family division of the Superior Court, each district has a family relations division, staffed with ‘family relations officers’ who evaluate cases and make recommendations to the court.  On top of all this publicly funded infrastructure, guardians ad litem, lecherous attorneys are appointed by judges at the expense of the parents to provide more opinions.  By statute, a divorce matter is heard in the proper judicial district based on the residence of the parties.

But there is a special court known as the Regional Family Trial Docket, whose purpose was defined in 1990 to provide hearing capacity to all judicial districts except Hartford.  See the creation memo by Chief Administrative Judge Aaron Ment here.  The memo fails to explain with precision why a special docket is required.  What special conditions exist for a district presiding judge of family court to transfer a case?  Each district has an administrative judge who is charged with properly assigning cases to courts in the district.  The AJ is responsible for managing judicial resources to handle the work, if more judges are needed there is reserve capacity in the JTR ranks.  Letting the family division presiding judge send cases out of the district is not the design of the judiciary.  In fact such a practice never existed from 1776 to 1990.  So what gives?  AFCC? Child trafficking? Judge shopping? Judicial terrorism?

In face of massive budget cuts in the state that is suffering from lack of public funds, why is there a judge and a clerk assigned to this docket, presently located in the Middlesex JD at the Middletown Courthouse?  The docket has its own presiding judge, Leo V. Diana, an evil monster with a law career of abusing families and trafficking children, with less than a year of experience on the bench; a dirty inside player in the state divorce racket.  The docket has its own ‘case flow co-ordinator’, which is a glorified scheduler who reports only to Judge Diana.  Rather strange that this lowly position is staffed by a licensed attorney.  The co-ordinator is a shifty individual; Michael R. Smuda, Esq.  What is the purpose of the public expense of these players?

From a perspective of court operations and fiscal responsibility, there is no justification for a special docket to hear equal custody matters.  The list of cases that have moved through this star chamber tells all.  This is where Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone presided over the Tauck case; eighty six days of trial, twenty law firms, $13M in legal fees, $1M GAL and $1M AMC; all for the custody determination of two little kids.  This is also the court from which Judge Lynda B. Munro perfected the statewide private pay GAL scam to funnel lucrative purposeless appointments to her lawyer pals.  Munro also held the famously corrupt child stealing case of Max Liberti in the chamber, which was so evil as to have a book published; In The Worst Interest Of The Child.  Then there is Judge Gerard I. Adelman, a notorious dirty inside family court lawyer, assigned immediately after being appointed to the bench, just like Judge Diana is now.  A demented jew relishing in destruction of Christian families often found in chambers pulling wings off of flies.  One trait of all cases ‘referred’ to the star chamber is that no poor people without lawyers ever go there; it is a cash chamber.  The presence of Smuda, a member of the Bar, enables an under the table system for litigating attorneys to get their cases heard in the chamber; decisions are purchased ahead of time, with winks and nods to fleece the parents.  The plundering is so complete that Mary Brigham, Esq. an evil GAL known for moving cases to RFTD, charges the parents $350/hr for driving halfway across the state and even taps them $5 for parking at the chamber.  It is well-known that the judges embellish the GAL looting by allowing the GAL to sit in the gallery through seven days of trial, billing for every minute, which suggests that the judge has a financial interest in GAL invoices.  Brigham did this in the Tittle case in conspiracy with Attorney Rosemarie Giuliano.

But what legal purpose is there in having a special state star chamber to hear selected cases absent a legal or statutory criteria?  Certainly Texas does not have a special docket in Dallas to hear special custody cases from around the state.  California does not send parents from LA to Sacramento for custody matters.  What is so special and specific to Connecticut that it has a special court; child trafficking?  Purchased decisions?  Racketeering?  Why does the judiciary committee of the legislature not demand public disclosure of purpose of this docket?  Why is the Chief Court Administrator misusing public funds for a private star chamber?  Why are all the judges at RFTD former notorious family court lawyers, insiders, players?  If the docket truly requires a seasoned judge, why do Adelman and Diana get placed there immediately?  Less than a year as a judge and they are chosen?  Or are they assigned to do their master’s bidding?

The lack of transparency is another red flag for this docket.  Cases move without judicial order, without hearing and notice, without memorandum of decision documenting why the case cannot be handled in its proper district.  There is no district lacking for resources, there is no statutory criteria, cases move silently by whim of judges and court employees.  It should be noted that the Grohs case is moving from Waterbury to RFTD.  There is no court order, the litigants never filed for change of venue, Waterbury has two courthouses, is fully staffed with judges, clerks and family relations officers, but there is no stated reason to move to RFTD.  The courthouse rumor suggests that GAL Mary Brigham and Attorney Micheal Fasano consulted with district case flow co-ordinator Robert J. Sweeney, who had a chat with Michael Smuda and boom, case accepted at RFTD by order of Judge Leo Diana.  Note that Sweeney and Smuda are both licensed attorneys.  The Bar Club moves cases without order of the district family PJ or the district AJ.  Under the table trafficking in full public view by attorneys subject to the Rules of Professional Conduct, with the silent wink and nod of Judge Anna M. Ficeto, PJ Family Court of Waterbury.

It is curious to note that the Family Relations Division at Middletown does not support RFTD.  So the evaluation prepared by Katie Connors of Waterbury under the supervision of Chris Haddad, recommending no change to the six year old custody agreement of the parties, will not be admitted before Judge Diana.

Of greater curiosity is that Judge Wilson J. Trombley, JTR was instantly assigned by Waterbury District Administrative Judge Mark Taylor to hear the frivolous application for a restraining order by Vicki Frenzel against the mother in the Grohs case.  The matter commenced on 1 November and will have its third hearing in two weeks.  How can Waterbury handle this case but must send the vexatious post judgment custody litigation to RFTD?  After all, plaintiff William J. Grohs has been attacking his ex wife for the last six years in Waterbury; what creates the instant need to move it?   Oh, right, judge shopping.  Leo Diana has been paid to deliver a decision based on the size of William Grohs’ wallet.  The purpose is obvious, dirty lawyers play money games and cash deposits get a reservation at RFTD.

In summary, it can be reasoned that the pedo ring of Connecticut needed a Star Chamber to do the dirty legal work of getting their play toys away from protective mothers.  The Office of Chief Court Administrator back in 1990 acquiesced by creating RFTD absent precise purpose, providing deniability.  The fact that the ‘special docket’ was not touched given the present financial difficulties of the state means that there are powerful evil players who have interest in keeping the Star Chamber functioning.

All so obvious, all in public view, all to traffic children for the profit of pedo lawyers.  Racketeering?  Be scared, very scared, the judiciary ignores rule of law to make a buck for their pet Bar pals, supported by the state pedo ring; judicial kickbacks included.

Leo Diana child trafficker, presiding judge RFTD.

Judge Lynda Munro, past RFTD judge.

Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman, past RFTD judge.

Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone, past RFTD judge.