Poor Renee

Blog condolences go out to Renee Deichert and her two daughters of Tolland, who will soon bear the public embarrassment of having hubby/daddy Robert J. Deichert appear in court to defend the child traffickers of Connecticut Family Court for state sponsored child abuse. Legal miscreant Robert Deichert is a worthless excuse of a lawyer in the employ of child predator Attorney General Willy Tong. Deichert… Read More »Poor Renee

Well Respected?

Blog star jew judge of the Connecticut Family Court Gerard I. Adelman, the Dark Lord himself issued a ruling that the evil jew child trafficking court whore Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz is WELL RESPECTED! He further states that jew girl Jocelyn protects the best interests of Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer Ambrose who have not hugged their mother in two years while bleeding their college savings dry.… Read More »Well Respected?


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules anti-semitic speech is constitutionally protected. Today’s ruling in Gerber v. Herskovitz recognized the free expression in a public place to criticize jewish deviancy. Welcome to ‘murika, the goy hold a protected right to hate da jews and the jews have no claim for relief in federal court. Hate the politics of jews, hate the political power of jews, hate… Read More »Newsflash

Recovering Queen

The now famous blog introduces Attorney Misty Simmons, billed as the ‘RECOVERING QUEEN’ by the dykish firm of FreedMarcroft. Misty has taken over the Sakon case after the departure of blog favorite Attorney Jenn Shukla. Misty promises to be bloglicious as her childhood was even more fucked up than Jenn’s. Misty’s ingrained father hatred is rooted in her defective upbringing by her single mom, unwanted… Read More »Recovering Queen

Cesar Noble: Dicktater

Judge Cesar Noble of the Hartford Superior Court was born a poor dumb Cuban who fled from the evil Dictator Castro, only to become a domestic terrorist as a judge in Connecticut. The whacked out jewdiciary is hunting free speech again! Judge-less-than-Noble entertains the whining of a local cop to pursue speakers of free speech, being the Castro he loves!! The attack on the First… Read More »Cesar Noble: Dicktater

Goofy Goodrow

How can Judge Karen Goodrow be so stupid? What is it with the dumb cunt in a black robe hired to do a specific job, who cannot grasp the concept of law? Her concept of judicial discretion amounts to nothing more than manifestation of mental defect and below average intelligence. Scary how jews like Goodrow always go further than they should in society, the damage… Read More »Goofy Goodrow

Tammy d’Retard

Judicial manifestations of diminished mental capacity appear in the written babble of court decisions. Rational reasoning, application of law, juris prudence will all find root in properly written court decisions. It is demanded by a sovereign people for proper performance of the third branch of government. Judge Tammy Viet-Nguyen just published a decision exposing her deep rooted mental defects that disqualify her from the bench.… Read More »Tammy d’Retard


In a free society, ruled by the will of a sovereign people, there is a right to observe the shenanigans of family court, but Connecticut is no such society. The nutmeg people are victims of ‘POLICY’ handed down from a big dumb nigger in a black robe who masquerades as chief justice. In reality, Richard Robinson is just a puppet who betrays his oath by… Read More »POLICY!


Private speech police roam the land of the free and home of the brave. They are funded by the chosen who act to subdue criticism by four-legged animals. These uneducated morons licensed as ‘private investigators’ act as domestic terrorists to undermine the Bill of Rights. Their prime target is the First Amendment. Criticize the chosen and be hunted by their flying monkeys. Meet Brian Hedley,… Read More »PrivateEye

Protecting Children

The recent drama in Cook County involving a mother-child bond and the clot shot exposed the jews of family court in full splendor. The new revelation is that the little kid was represented by Attorney Michael Bender, who did absolutely nothing when jew Judge James Shapiro violated his client’s constitutional rights. In America, the free and the brave do not employ ten year old little… Read More »Protecting Children