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Brendan Goes To Trial

Brendan Danaher, pooper scooper puppy cop of Bloomfield Police faces a federal jury for hunting a battered mother across state lines, nullifying court orders, perjury, executing directives of corrupt Connecticut lawyers, prosecuting a complaint of a mad man from Georgia, conspiring with prosecutors for abuse of the criminal justice system for private gain; child abuse, attempted kidnapping notwithstanding. Officer Danaher’s crooked daddy Judge John Danaher is upset his paedo ring has been outed … again.

Today, pooper scooper cop’s lawyer, the obnoxious, hideous Kristan Maccini tortured USDJ Stefan Underhill with meritless, frivolous whining on why a sworn law enforcement officer should not face a jury for arresting mother on direction of paedophiles. Not amused with the high pitched bullshit; jury selection begins on 1 September. Blog Star Brendan Danaher is officially fucked!! Bloomfield donut whores are exposed, rogue cops perjuring affidavits, committing interstate fraud, attempted kidnapping, providing private arrest services for the infamous Matthew Couloute, a resident of Georgia. Bring popcorn, this is gonna be good … Connecticut exposed! Only hope left for Brendan is to come clean, admit he followed direction from Chief Paul Hammick, that his sergeants knew his actions illegal, that prosecutor Danielle O’Connell was in on it along with Judge Omar Williams, a black pal of Couloute’s. What paedophiles will do to recover a lost child sex toy and revenue generator.

After the protracted misconduct of Connecticut’s criminal justice system, extradition from another state, Judge Matthew Budzik dismisses charges, State’s Attorney Gail Hardy admits no crime to prosecute … all a mistake, oops, sorry, just hunting free citizens for private agenda; blows up in Connecticut’s face. Now all conspirators hoping to pin it on stooge puppy cop who swore mother is a criminal. Shit is gonna hit the fan if pooper scooper cop talks, don’t be surprised if the paedo ring finds cause to have him eliminated; mauled by a rabid police dog! Couloute is so well protected by the ring, no charges of lying to police have been filed against him … puppy cop gets the shaft!!!

Blog poetic justice served, as Officer Brendan Danaher is a jew!

Editor’s Note:  The drama of Matthew Couloute only leaves victims, a cop to take the fall, Connecticut conspiracy exposed, state machinery employed by paedophiles committing federal crime; Blog stars all! Stay tuned for more drama, as Brendan was just following direction of Detective Zachary Klomberg.


Cast of characters that arranged interstate arrest of battered mother, Couloute of Georgia, Brendan Danaher, his dad Judge John Danaher, Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick, Hartford Prosecutor Gail Hardy, Attorney Ryan McGuigan, Judge Omar Williams, Judge Matthew Budzik, where Kristan Maccini failed to stop the federal suit.