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Josh Nemore

The now-famous Blog highlights another Michael Volpe interview focusing on Connecticut family court and the jew judges who abuse mothers, rape childhood, enrich lawyers, and generally behave as demonic monsters, set on destruction of society’s children. Tonight’s interview is with a motherly victim of jew Judge Anthony Truglia and his ‘spic paedo sidekick Eddie Rodriguez.  The Nemore family has suffered from the unmanly ways of Joshua Nemore since 2012, child abuse, psychological harm, damaged kids, raped childhoods, terrified children, where he intentionally violates court orders, isolating three of God’s gifts from their mother … a pillar of masculinity and fatherhood, protected by jew Attorney Steven Levy of Fairfield, where daddy Josh has big bucks to purchase the right to unleash his manly mental defects on the mother of his children. Guy is such an ass he forbid the children from hugging mom at Christmas, then punishes the kids for crying about not hugging mom.

Naming names, the hit parade of Connecticut jew judges have tortured the family for eleven years, while the jew attorneys and vendors have pocketed big bucks, all to the tune of screaming children. The docket Nemore v Nemore is a fuck fest of jewdicial fuckery, showing the jewdicial players and their number of entries:  Judges Corrine Klatt(17), Barry Pinkus(7), Gerard Adelman(9), Mary Sommer(3), Maureen Murphy(9), Jane Grossman(2), William Wenzel(5), Mark Gould(10), Eddie Rodriguez(10), Grasso-Egan(1), Anthony Truglia(29), Christine Rapillo(1) all orchestrating prolonged conflict to benefit attorneys Steve Levy, Janis Laliberte, Vince Noce, relying on psycho nut James Connelly’s expertise in child trafficking, purchased custody evaluation. Joshua Nemore is a cash cow and the racketeers of family court are milking him to enable his child abuse. The case has now been transferred to blog star Judge Thomas Moukawsher to generate more excessive fees for jew boy Steve Levy.  Meanwhile the mother-child bonds are severed, the children terrified, Levy condoning his clients willful violation of visitation orders. Perhaps Mouk can summarily disbar Levy for grotesque misconduct in view of Blog.

Here is link to Michael Volpe’s interview along with the write up. Blog fans readily identify the repeated pattern of jewdicial racketeering and mother hatred, a Connecticut delicacy. The tragic consequence of jewdicial fuckery has driven the children to fear father, harm themselves and contemplate suicide, which is just what CJ Richard Robinson instructs the jewdiciary to inflict upon the goy. Even the very black DCF Commissioner Vannessa Dorante is paid to blame all children’s problems on mothers, to the glee of jew Governor Ned Lamont.

Editor’s Note:  Only jews of Connecticut can turn a blind eye to the effect Joshua Nemore has on his own children, as shown in the pictures below.

Photos showing what Connecticut finds to be a happy healthy child living in fear of Joshua Nemore of 7 Station Road in Redding. Self-mutilation, the new ‘best interest’.

The usual scum, racketeers Steve Levy, Janis Laliberte, Vince Noce, James Connelly, rape of childhood for shekels, the mark of the jew.