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Brendan’s Defense

Pooper scooper K9 cop of Bloomfield Police, mother hunter and paedo operative Brendan Danaher has a bombshell defense exposed by his lawyer Kristan Maccini before Judge Stefan Underhill of U.S. District Court Connecticut … he was following orders of Detective Zach Klomberg!! No reasonable jury is going to believe little rookie puppy cop singularly manipulated machinery of Connecticut’s criminal justice system to obtain a felony extradition warrant of a battered mother in safe haven in another state on complaint of a resident of Georgia. The defense is perfect! How did a K9 cop know to void a restraining order of another state, take the word of Matthew Couloute, speaking for the court, not verify court orders, a pooper scooper with no training in civil matters of custody is suddenly the expert of Bloomfield Police, creating criminal arrest from a domestic civil dispute; Brendan was the rookie, youngest, dumbest cop on the force! No jury gonna believe that shit! Maccini has BPD by the short hairs, exposing perjury all the way up to and including Chief Paul Hammick. Town of Bloomfield is on the hook for huge monetary damages.

Blog legal department notes USDJ Underhill is exposed for severing all related defendants from suit, leaving pooper scooper cop to take the fall for trickery designed by Attorney Ryan McGuigan with help of Connecticut Judge John Danaher, puppy cop’s father and family court judge. The scam included a federal judge who ignored the claim by Maccini that puppy cop was just following orders, knowing that his prior rulings were fabricated to protect detectives, chiefs, prosecutors, state judges, state police and Governor Malloy’s office. The house of cards just collapsed, there is nowhere to hide, the now-famous Blog sees all!

Blog shout out to assistant state’s attorney Danielle O’Connell who accepted puppy cop’s arrest application without question, took it straight to Judge Omar Williams for instant signature, a favor to Matthew Couloute of Georgia, dark skin paedo brothers do favors. O’Connell is exposed!! Judge Matthew Budzik was played like a fool for eventually dismissing the fabricated charges on claim of Gail Hardy’s minions that there was no real crime to prosecute, the recovery of the sex toy failed, the scam failed, but left a trail. False arrest proven.

Attorney Maccini is now in the driver’s seat, holding fiduciary duty to protect puppy cop, she must expose the conspiracy of Connecticut criminal justice system in attempted kidnapping of a sexually abused child in safe haven under jurisdiction of New York Family Court, beyond the reach of Corrupticut, the conspiracy extending to Judge Sharon LaVallo of New York’s Erie County Family Court, Erie County Sheriff, and federal judge Stefan Underhill.  Get popcorn … this is going to be good!


Attorney Kristan Maccini admits Officer Brendan Danaher was following orders from Detective Zach Klomberg in fabricating arrest of a battered mother in safe haven in another state to kidnap a sexually abused child for the benefit of Matthew Couloute, a resident of Georgia.