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Mouk’s Authority

Judge Thomas Moukawsher, retard in black, on Connecticut’s inferior court, amuses ‘we the people’ with hollow claim of STATUTORY AUTHORITY to act in tyranny, assuming singular despotic role of accuser, judge, jury, and executioner in spewing forth jewdicial wrath of disbarring a zealous advocate for calling out the jews of family court. Whimsical destruction of mother-child bonds, absent state petition, absent strict scrutiny is criminal denial of fundamental liberty rights, a form of societal destruction relished by the jew. Mouk claims he has statutory authority to act in tyranny, but fails to cite the statute.  Now-famous Blog notes that the sovereign nutmegs never granted power to a judge to summarily disbar a zealous advocate for advocating zealously. Is Mouk so retarded he can’t read statutes? Is he so delusional that he imagines a secret statute providing him authority to go rogue? Does he beg a .50 cal to the head, thru two panes of glass from a concealed Patriot on the other side of the forest? Perhaps laser rays from the space station will reboot his non-functioning brain. How much Mouk can society suffer before there is a violent reaction? Is there no limit to tyrannical powers, abusing children, raping childhood, plundering family bank, now raiding attorney bank, stealing with no legal authority, just recommendation of a ‘trustee‘, acting not on rational basis, just tyranny of Mouk.

Now-famous Blog insanity department has been following the manifestations of Mouk’s demented mind, it is not pretty. Writings of meandering thought, flawed sentence construction, fallacy arguments that fail elementary challenge, childish comparisons; Blog luvs the helicopter machine gunner spraying rice paddies … really shows Mouk’s brain is fried. The latest rant is an ‘order’ which merely agrees with Corrine Boni’s suggestions on how to steal money, no citation of laws, just agreement, hardly justice, just plunder. Mouk’s spinning logic center goes in circles in the following ‘decision’, which claims an objection is baseless, but a recommendation is law, the court can void due process when stealing funds from an illegally disbarred attorney, Mouk can disregard federal jurisdiction over due process violations, Mouk is right, everyone else is wrong, including federal law, then he blows an enormous brain fart by claiming STATUTORY AUTHORITY to violate the Fourteenth Amendment.  To wit:

The objection to the request is baseless. It asserts that a process under this court’s jurisdiction is somehow subject to the ordinary procedures that apply to fee disputes. She is wrong about this and has failed to provide the court or the trustee with evidence that she is entitled to the money at issue even though she has failed to provide her former client with what the client is undoubtedly owed. She further claims that because she claimed to have sued in federal court the state judge overseeing the state process that a federal court must oversee the winding up of her affairs. About this she is equally wrong. She cannot escape this court’s statutory authority merely by claiming that she has filed suit complaining about the process in some other court. She must defeat the court’s jurisdiction to avoid it’s judgments not merely complain about them.

Blog’s legal department notes that there is no statutory authority to ‘escape’, no jurisdiction, for Mouk to disbar an attorney on the spot, federal First Amendment protection under the redress clause that shields zealous advocacy from jewdicial retaliation, Mouk violates the First and Fourteenth Amendments, a federal matter under the Enforcement Acts set down by Congress. Mouk thumbs his nose at federal powers to enforce constitutional rights on unscrupulous state actors in conduct under color of an illegitimate practice rule slipped into the system by Judge Andrews in 1890, having nothing to do with effecting litigation, an old oops which nigger boy Robinson fails to acknowledge, being the dumb nigger’s duty to fix.

Mouk whines about JURISDICTION, where he has no authority under PB §2-45 to violate due process protections of the Fourteenth Amendment, where Blog proves Mouk is incompetent, thinking law resides in a set of practice guides designed for speedy and efficient disposal of cases before the bench. Newsflash to the retard:  Law is not the Practice Book! Blog’s psychiatric department finds cause to invoke judicial managerial duties under Canon 2.14, where blithering incompetent judges suffering mental impairment be remanded to the proper facility for restraint, medication, electro-shock therapy, tube feeding, to protect the integrity of the court, lest public confidence in the jewdiciary be completely lost. Mouk has no jurisdiction to be a tyrant, he only begs a tyrant’s demise.

Editor’s Note:  CJ Robinson abandons duty by ignoring the constitutional violations at hand, having liability under federal law for failure to arrest Mouk’s tyranny, a free people are incited to imminent violent lawless action to exterminate these domestic enemies of the Constitution, highlighting the purpose of the Second Amendment; a Patriot’s duty.

Domestic enemies of Constitution, conspirators in deprivation of rights.

Smelly cunt Corrine Boni-Vendola, conspirator in deprivation of rights, trustee appointed to steal money, a jewish delicacy. Dumb fat cunt can’t spell law, plays along for shekels, the true purpose of the Connecticut jewdiciary.

Moukawsher sprays the children in his Jungian subconscious.