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Adopt & Rape Like A Jew!

The now-famous Blog highlights minor attractions of the jewish faith, where rabbinical powers penetrate children in deviant perverted delicacies. Raging paedophile, mentally defective Jeffrey Lujan Vejil, a West Texas ‘spic of raging desires for young boys, cloaked himself in rabbinical ideology, masquerading as a hasidic jew from Brooklyn, adopted nine boy sex toys with blessing of Texas authorities, then shared them, advertising his boy harem as a ‘unique family’ on Tik Tok, with a following of many paedophiles, as little boy ass is highly profitable in the cesspool of Houston. Paedo predator knew how to change his spots to blend in with the most protected paedo players on the planet … da jewz!! His adopting and raping has gone on for over six years with the present stable of boy ass. He was outed in 2019 for molesting an Spanish exchange student, but Blog observes he is protected by fellow Texan paedo authorities, ensuring no professional state service exposes his jew cover story or investigates the adopt & rape scam. Unfortunately, after years of butthurt, one kid called him out, others joined, now exposed, prosecutors are quick to take action, as they have to keep up the charade that Texas law prohibits sodomizing boy ass. Seen all this before, typical paedo play book, deny, obscure, coverup, close all complaints with the label ‘unsubstantiated‘, until a child rapist is exposed, where governmental protectors can no longer hide it from the press.

Center stage of Texas propaganda is Houston prosecutor Janna Oswald, skillfully guiding the case to a plea deal with no prison time to ensure paedo jew does not name names of prominent Houstonites partaking of little boy rape. Janna is head of Child Sex Crime Division of Harris County District Attorney Office, a job which is more protection than prosecution, under watchful eye of Kim Ogg, who has a lot of explaining to do, being the county’s chief law enforcement officer. Blog fingers Robert Jackson, her chief investigator, as being the kingpin in the paedo protection racket of Harris County. A seasoned cop, attorney, with staff and resources to hunt down a Texas jack rabbit, having over 40 years on insider corruption knowledge of Houston law enforcement, probably likes little boys too. He too will find the jew acted alone, a lone paedo, pulled it off all by himself, no one else was involved.

Blog cannot ignore the monstrous Child Protective Service of Texas, charged with feeding kids to paedos using state money. Commissioner Stephanie Muth will be firing her chief auditor Chance Watson for his negligence in allowing complaints of child sexual abuse to be closed out by low level flunkies, paid to conceal child rape … ‘unsubstantiated’ a paedo safe word! Blog sees all. There will be no investigation on how this paedo hasidic wannabe was vetted to adopt so many kids, how he passed a background check, who signed off of the nine adoptions, how much money is changing hands. Nope, not a peep, too much exposure going all the way up to the Governor.

Editor’s Note: The blast walls have been set, there will be no other paedos collared, the state machinery is in protective overdrive.

Texas paedo protectors, CPS unsubstantiates, prosecutors ignore, children raped, the paedo way.

Isolated, beaten, pepper sprayed, held captive these kids raped, all done by one jew, sure, the lone gunman killed JFK too!

Paedo protectors … all.