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Mental Mouk

The deep rooted psychosis of Judge Thomas Moukawsher manifests in his self-promoting opinion piece in ABA Journal, a rag of jewish ideology espousing that only lawyers can understand law, that goy are stupid, and $400/hr is reasonable fee. Now-famous Blog can’t make this shit up, the mind of Mouk is a frightful mash of misfiring synapses drowning in liquid confusion. Mouk’s pathetic existence, lack of self-worth, all drive need for fabricated respect from litigants, he likes to hear himself called ‘Your Honor’, but in reality ‘Your Idiocy’ fits. Shithead, moron, dufus work as well. Mouk is so fucked in the head he thinks a lowly judge of the lowly superior court creates ‘law’. His overinflated ego, devoid of intelligent intellect, fuel his delusion that his black drape gives him magic powers to create law in a constitutional republic. C’mon man, how fucked up is Mouk?

Mouk thinks it is his daily duty, in cases great and small, to interpret the meaning of words on paper that make up our laws. He really thinks there is mystery in use of the English language when defining procedures, setting out process, restricting government powers, that the Earth will stop turning, if he is not there to tell us what the law sez. Of course Mouk epitomizes the reason for the Second Amendment, the ultimate backstop when judges go rogue. Mouk believes it is his sole duty to tell the peasants what is ‘reasonable’ and what is ‘unreasonable’. He is so good at this, it makes Blog puke. Mouk finds it ‘reasonable’ to isolate children from mother for three years, then label it ‘best interests of children’, while ignoring state law that prohibits such, absent state interest. Mouk thinks it reasonable to disbar a zealous advocate in an adversarial system for calling out jewness of family court. Mouk is looney tunes in living color, a harm to children, a threat to society, a danger to himself. He finds First Amendment free expression to be unreasonable.

Mouk promotes the jewery of law, all goy need lawyers and therapists, they can’t think for themselves, must do what corrupt authority dictates. How did the ancients live without buffoons like Mouk opining on the interpretation of hieroglyphics on the temple walls, the meaning of cave drawings, the alignment of stars? Will Mouk decide which fetus dies, which lives, the legality of daylight savings time, the standard of care for children caught up in divorce, the meaning of life? Does he claim to be the legal moral compass of the sovereign? Is there any limit to Mouk’s judgment?

Mouk goes back to 1803 citing obtuse opinion of Justice Marshall’s claim of judicial supremacy in defining what the law is. A total joke rejected by Jefferson and pals who are a whole lot smarter than Mouk. If ‘we the people’ are sovereign, how do a gaggle of judges hold supremacy over meaning of law? Explain that!! Jefferson’s fear of the judiciary is exemplified in the twists of Mouk’s demented mind. Mouk misrepresents ‘common law’ as an ancient gift of the English system, foolishly arguing it is crafted by judges, when in fact old English and American Colonial systems of law were deeply rooted in Church law, expressed thru a General Assembly, courts being subservient elements, a concept eschewed by chosen ideology of Connecticut jewdiciary. There is no ‘common law’ that isolates children from mother on discretionary whim of a moron in black, no basis in Church law nor King’s law that pits mother against father in an expensive fabricated custody battle of character assassination orchestrated by a ‘family’ judge. No King ruling under divine powers would create such affront to Church teachings, abuse of children, but Mouk does it gleefully! Kings are not interested in generating lawyer fees nor pressing jewish ideology on subjects. Mouk goes off the rails claiming the peasantry’s address of a judge as ‘Your Honor’ is respect for the real power of a two bit lawyer, appointed to the bench on political favoritism by a corrupt Governor in the most corrupt state in the Union … where did he get that idea? Mouk finds the label ‘Your Honor’ gloriously aspirational, where a true Patriot finds better glory in a well sighted .308, thru two panes of glass.

Now-famous Blog strips Mouk of the call sign ‘Your Honor’ and officially replaces it with ‘Your Horror’. Why he has not been taken out by an angry mob, well-regulated militia, or hit by a bus is a true mystery. Reality of life is that the jewdiciary will collapse society, bring an end to the American experiment, all for want of administration of justice in the context of the will of the Creator, who can hurl a few lightning bolts on Mouk, just to help out the children.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher of Connecticut, total nutjob.