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Stamford Thug

The now-famous Blog calls out constitutional thuggery of the thin blue donut whores of Stamford, Connecticut. Thug Sergeant Richard Gasparino, moron with gun, badge, attitude, and no brains can’t count to First Amendment. Gasparino arrested constitutionally protected fellow citizen Mike Friend for standing on a public sidewalk holding a sign. The goon with the gun has quotas for tickets, a professional duty of sworn law enforcement officers, Stamford Police work on the greed incentive program, directed by Chief Timothy Shaw, a paedophile in uniform, labeled ‘Champion of Youth’ for his fondness of little boys.

The asshole with a gun arrests fellow citizen for exercising constitutionally protected right to free speech, despite ‘fair warning’ to the contrary, charges Friend for interfering with Gasparino’s quotas and bonus metrics, locks him up, hits him with a $25k bail, while massaging his erection brought on by being a dick in uniform. As all citizens know hunting free speech is illegal, that interfering with exercise of free speech is an American no-no, this WOP drags the City of Stamford into an expensive payout for shredding the First Amendment. The litigation drama exposes the collective Nutmeg conspiracy in chilling expression with police powers. The suit went before federal district cesspool under management of Judge Michael Shea, a terrorist in black, where his underling Judge Alfred Covello falsely issued summary judgment, defeating First Amendment, protecting police brutality, but then Second Circuit shoved it down his throat, as Covello can’t count to First either. The case is now before perverse Judge Omar Williams, diversity hire, paedo protecting, excuse of a human now on the federal bench. ACLU is all over it, like stink on shit. Read their summary here. Read Covello’s horseshit here. Read Second Circuit bitch slap on Covello here. Covello abdicated his federal court duty under the Enforcement Acts of the Fourteenth Amendment, terrorism draped in black. Nutmeg jewdiciary intentionally delayed justice at the expense of the Constitution, it has been five years since Gasparino abused his fellow citizen, now the matter is finally before the court where Gasparino will be forced to pay up for damages caused to a citizen he is sworn to protect, City of Stamford gets dragged into the financial fray for allowing police to run rogue on citizens. It will cost millions, in the end, the people pay for cop treason. Stamford will have to pay out a couple million in legal fees alone, on top of punitive damages for allowing rabid blue dogs to chew on rights. The City is fucked, already talking to their insurance company, hoping for a settlement to avoid the flogging to occur in open court, a jury will hammer Gasparino for his domestic terrorism under color of state law, exposing mismanagement of government morons running the local gestapo. Stamford taxpayers will bleed green for Gasparino’s stupidity.

Stamford does not stand a chance before the jury, the police website admits fraud on the people, claiming bullshit:

The success of the Stamford Police Department has also been achieved in part because the department has significantly enhanced its capacity to provide excellent police services by adding several specialty units, as well as acquiring advanced tactical and technological equipment. The department plans on significantly expanding forensics capabilities as well as implementing advanced tactical training to ensure that both visitors and Stamford residents continue to feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods and schools.

Professional liars, dressed in clown suits, badges, guns, fat paychecks, overtime, no respect for the law, thuggery personified, false advertising to promote false feelings of safety and security, while hunting free speech.  Gonna cost Stamford millions $$$.

Editor’s Note: Governments have become the enemy of ‘we the people’, a purge of these tyrants is overdue, using public funds to attack founding principles is treason, designed to defeat sovereign powers. Police suppression of speech is an old, old device, outlawed by our Constitution … Gulag Connecticut is real.


Rogue cop Gasparino, thug with badge, arrests for crime of speech, under supervision of Chief Shaw, where idiot federal district clown Covello blows it out his ass, having it shoved back down his throat by appellate court.  Don’t fuck with First Amendment!