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Kuselias d’Prick

The now-famous Blog crawlers stumble across a new family court fuss in New Haven JD, where golf chatter box, glamour boy, home grown Connecticut lawyer, Erik Kuselias, willfully violates court orders to prove his manliness before presiding judge Jane Grossman. Erik, with the wandering dick, acting like a prick, exemplifies manhood for his two sons by refusing to pay mom support, just showing the boys how to properly treat their mother. Erik has millions in the bank, but will withhold $10k as a lesson for sons Erik, Jr. and Troy; how real CBS sportscasters treat women!

Erik Kuselias is not afraid to walk into Judge Grossman’s courtroom, being an attorney, subject to the rules of professional conduct, displaying manliness, defying court orders, teaching kids a life lesson, all while not filing a truthful financial affidavit, concealing millions obtained from NBC settlement, fired for another wondering dick issue. He will unload upon the court expertise in mathematics, high IQ, flash MENSA membership card, thumb his nose at court authority, telling Judge Grossman where to stick her orders … which should be about the point the marshals slap the cuffs on him, put him in the paddy wagon and call it a day.

Now-famous Blog highlights another delusional father, with lots of money, ego, wandering dick, and no brains.  Kuselias can’t write a check, his manliness overrides logic, he must prove to the world that he is the MIGHTY KUSELIAS, an Emmy award winning talking head, who just can’t be a father, must weaponize sons to constantly harass and demean their mother, as if to tell them they are mistakes, he fucked mom by accident, twice, did not mean to have a family, nor children, and this is how he deals with two mistakes. What-a-dad. Just the role model CBS Sports wants in front of their corporate logo. The PTA of Notre Dame High School in West Haven is happy to have such a character role model among the Catholic membership.  Freshman Troy and Senior Erik Jr. will be praised by teachers for learning the skills of mother abuse by their own father.

The pre-trial discussion with family relations should be good, when it comes out that daddy punishes the boys for wanting to hug mom, threatens them, probably beats them for good measure, no son of Erik Kuselias will show affection towards mother … unmanliness will not be tolerated! Needless to say that DCF and Hamden Police turn a blind eye to this monster, he has money, he is protected, law and court orders do not apply. Wonder if Judge Grossman will order a psyche eval for him while imprisoned for contempt? Will Annie Dranginis and Lynda Munro from PullmanComley show up to bleed his wallet? Winking at Grossman? Will the boys survive his meltdown? Will he be outed for fraud for hiding millions from the court? Stiffing mom on child support gives Kuselias a hard-on.

Stay tuned!! Statewide Grievance Committee finds out Kuselias is willfully violating court orders, there will be disciplinary action … so much for manliness!

Erik Kuselias of CBS Sports, hates mothers more than he loves his sons.