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Online Crazies

When jews lose the argument, call the winner CRAZY!  Dr. Regina Marshall, PhD, psychobabblist of the chosen kind bleats about Online Crazies, demanding protection from goy First Amendment rights calling bullshit on AFCC child rapists, their snake oil and ridiculous fees generated from familial destruction ordered by jewdicial authorities who ignore fundamental liberties. The jews of AFCC kvetch that ‘something must be done to muzzle the online crazies who attack chosen professionals of family court and its jewish ideology’. After all, there is huge money at stake for jews vendors selling snake oil on orders of jews in black robes, something must be done to counteract the exposure of the jewish racketeering played out in public forums. A child mind control camp owned by Lynn Steinberg does nothing but terrify goy, so propaganda must be deployed by AFCC monsters under direction of jew puppet Peter Salem, the integrity of child trafficking must be defended against uneducated, ill-minded, un-equipped, ONLINE MOBS!

Once a jewish scam comes to light, screeching kikes go on the offensive. When websites like Alienation Industry expose the jewish ideology played out on an unsuspecting society, the Holohoax survivors call everyone else ‘crazy’! The oppressed scam artists demand state licensing boards, scam professional organizations, rabbinical courts, counter the offensive, muzzle the goy for having too much to think. Read about AFCC kikes Marshall and sidekick Saltman here. Fellow fleece agent Shawn McCall here. Jewish controlled ‘reunification camps’ here. Anyone have a proper definition for ‘reunification’ … no! It is just jewish word salad, a scam, racketeering, only played on on parents with bank, poor kids don’t get expensive therapy. Kikes have a nose for shekels.

To fully immerse oneself in the alien ideology of trafficking children, register for the 60th Anniversary of Jew AFCC Conference in Los Angeles, the city where the jews started it all in 1963, read the brochure, pick your seminars, listen to the jewish ideologies of profiting from familial destruction, don’t forget a tailored suicide vest and a final shout of Allah Akbar! before taking out a load of paedophiles, the Prophet provides just reward. Keynote address is by kike jewdicial authority from Northampton, Massachusetts Linda Fidnick, AFCC President and judge of state court, who whines that political polarization is terrible, the country needs a new belief system, which jews will provide, which judges will instruct under color of divorce, that your ideological difference is bad, requiring a new attitude, your lives will be changed, the jews will make it happen. Goy are fucked!

Editor’s Note:  Jews of AFCC have been poisoning society for six decades, a terrorist organization, preying on parents and children for profit, inhumane, worthy of nature’s response.

Jews of AFCC, raping childhoods for shekels.