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Gay Paint

Sexually deviant attention whores of Fort Lauderdale advance jewish hate speech agenda, claiming burned tire rubber on street pavement is new exception to First Amendment. Oi vey, jews are everywhere! The alphabet soup community of mental disorders, adopting letters brought to you by Sesame Street … LGBTQI+ whatever d’fuck that is supposed to mean, uses jewish parasitic tactics to claim oppression and victimhood for cause of self-induced sexual perversion, requiring paint to be applied to Sebastian Street for no societal need. Why not paint the streets with images of aborted fetuses to promote the jew assault on life? Why not paint the streets with images of black people, advertising lives matter by driving on them? Why not paint Ukrainian flags all along Seabreeze reminding locals that jewish agenda of attacking Orthodoxy far outweighs American goy interests?

Dick sucking, paedophile promoting, Mayor Dean Trantalis, whines that burnt rubber on pavement is hatred and bigotry, failing to recognize state and federal law prohibits advertising in the roadway. Director of Public Works Alan Dodd is too busy sucking dick to realize the paints applied to the road surface are illegal, making roadways slippery with semi-gloss gay paint is a threat to public safety. City Manager and closet fudge packer Greg Chavarria cheers on city donut whores to promote gayness by criminalizing freedom of expression of burnt rubber, Detective Ali Adamson says the police are on the hunt, wasting more tax dollars promoting a jewish deviant agenda, attacking all who don’t do gay shit. Chief of Police Patrick Lynn conspires with gays to make skid marks on illegal gay shit a crime … hardly professional police work.

The gay/jew/deviant drama is nauseating. Some queers illegally paint their self described flag on a street, in violation of law, then a Ford duly burns rubber on the illegal paint job, forcing queers to rise up in oppression, marginalized status because their illegal¬† roadway use got a tire track … starting to see the jew agenda here? Those in the land of the free and home of the brave, refusing to kneel to deviancy attacked by the full force of government for disliked expression … be gay or be hunted, that is the message from Fort Lauderdale; domestic terrorism, rabbinical style.

The dutiful dick suckers of public works quickly power wash away non-gay skid marks, only to have non-gay bicyclists conspire to leave more skid marks, expressing displeasure with illegal paints on the roadway. The gay forces of the City respond by hunting bike riders, screaming oppression, victimization, bigotry for perverted sexual desires, like anyone cares how or what you fuck, but don’t think the rest of us care, your agenda is jewish, is deviant, you are a pawn to the chosen ones, take your funny paint colors off the street and shove it up your ass.

Mayor Trantalis warns that being straight is anti-gay, which is hateful, being bigotry, which will not be tolerated in his gay utopian city, dislike for sucking another man’s dick and male sodomy is hateful, non-gays will be expelled from gay town. Florida Secretary of Transportation, Jared Perdue, is well aware of the illegal use of the roadway, but he turns a blind eye, too afraid of the jewish wrath that befalls all who live by rule of law, jewmerica is ruled by the deviant jews.

Editor’s Note: Why not paint the streets where all the jews live? All the gays? All the blacks? All the paedophiles? Where does the deviant agenda end?

Queer as fuck Mayor dedicates illegal paint job to his deviant pals, Sebastian Street beach is promoted as ‘Hottest Gay Beach in America’ lots of sunscreen and lube, deviant mecca, jewish promotion.

Bicyclists conspire to express displeasure to illegal paint, more skid marks.

Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief, Public Works, all gay employees of gay beach, promoting deviancy, violating law, illegally painting a street, then hunting free expression in violation of First Amendment.  Defacing gay symbolism is a crime in the mind of the jew.

Florida Secretary of Transportation Jared Perdue, fails his job function, violates state and federal law, misuses federal funds, fails to enforce road safety standards, places the public at risk in support of sexual deviancy, having nothing to do with his job function, another victim of the jew.

Free expression skid marks on illegal advertising in the roadway at the Hottest Gay Beach in America