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Ambrose Denied

The now-famous Blog notes that Christopher Ambrose has an unhealthy obsession with hearing himself whine in court about living in a free society, with an internet, with public right of scrutiny of Christopher’s antics in a public forum. This time it was four days of nauseating screeching of the Mad Man without a lawyer, entertained by retarded ‘spic Judge Eddie Rodriguez, in the judicial armpit of Bridgeport for a motion to void the First Amendment, where family court betrays its abusive ways, dragging mom to the courthouse on four different days to hear paedo dad’s complaints against reality, pleading for relief the court could not provide. In the end, Judge Eddie Rodriguez could do nothing but leave Christopher Ambrose in a temper tantrum with no relief from reality.

For Blog fans interested in Christopher’s demented mind, read his pleading here. It is a joke. Mad Man keeps Mia, Matthew, Sawyer imprisoned, isolated from mother and family, proving to the world he is a freak show, demanding the court affirm his freakness by barring free speech. His logic center is burned, having a fascination with FRANKREPORT.COM, the bane of everything twisted in Christopher’s rapidly deteriorating mind, hopefully there is no axe in the garage, this could end badly.

Four days of wasted court time, Mad Man, demanding court void the Bill of Rights, issue gag orders, find freedom of the press bad, issue apologies, scrub the internet, and award costs. Christopher just can’t stop, he is a constant source of comedy, how not to act like a dad, how not to behave like a man, how not to write motions. He mentions FrankReport 22 times in eleven pages, the publisher’s name 8 times, Circus only 3 times; now-famous Blog needs to up its ratings! Nothing for Christopher to do, but return to his kitchen table, stare into the screen of his altered reality, type away at his next adventure, his defamation suit in federal court against freedom of the press, his defamation suit in state court against Auntie Easter Bunny, jelly beans, and Cadbury eggs. Easter is only a month away, send some baskets to the kids at 381 Horsepond Road, Madison, CT 06443, well wishers will get a personal thank you call from Chief of Police Jack Drumm … he hates chocolate bunnies!

The jews of family court destroys childhood for shekels, the state sacrifices children for lawyer feed, jew lawyers, jewish ideology, orchestrated by jew judges, Blog stars Grossman and Adelman, monsters in black begging parental accountability by a righteous God and his army of well-armed angels.

Judge Eddie Rodriguez abuses the court, four days of listening to MadMan for relief that cannot be granted.