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FBI Jews

Time to face reality that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is jewish muscle, pummeling USA with chosen ideology, promoted by un-American jews engaged in treason and traitorous acts; kosher refreshment for Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty. FBI Richmond field office, under direction of jew puppet Stanley Meador, makes news for hunting Catholics … let that sink in. The bald headed asshole runs a FBI yeshiva dedicated to shredding First Amendment free exercise clause, nothing to do with criminal justice, just true blue jewish goy hatred and their pesky Bill of Rights. So much for having a ‘degree’ in criminal justice basketweaving from Roanoke College, this hillbilly from Galax, Virginia is guilty of federal crime for intimidation against rights, conspiring with his jew masters and underlings to label law abiding citizens enemies of the state, worthy of infiltration and investigation … stinks jewish. FBI Director Christopher Wray gets a pat on his head by jew overlord Micky Garland, US Attorney General, for targeting Catholics with federal funds, creating a roadmap to infiltrate the Church, hunt those who do not applaud abortion, gay marriage, gender fluidity, genitalia butchering, puberty blocker poisoning, paedophilia, where jews advocate all things deviant … Catholics are hated by jews, requiring federal funds to attack. Garland’s goal to resurrect the Weimar Republic, with cheap child prostitutes for all.

Stanley Meador swore his oath to the Talmud, not to the Constitution, he betrays public trust. Of grand satire, Meador recently exemplified jew agent David Brackins for providing security to the jewish community, a federally funded agent, a private security advisor to jews of Virginia, providing training, intelligence services, threat assessments, federal resources to protect oppressed jews in the land of the free and the home of the brave; awarded for preventing violent crime. In full grandstanding fashion, Meador presents at Richmond’s Weinstien Jewish Community Center on Monument Ave, to show all his kosher pals what a wonderful job FBI does for kikes. Wonder who authored the anti-Catholic memo … David?

In full political rant, Attorney General of Virginia, self-described Cuban refugee Jason Miyares, pens letter to chief USDOJ Jew Marrick Garland demanding explanation on obvious hatred of Catholics by jews … Jason is not the brightest Cuban in the box. Read Jason’s silly letter here. Jason thinks jews of Biden’s administration give a shit about religious rights, the barking of a Cuban mutt with a law degree in Richmond? Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution, the nation is waging a kosher proxy war on Orthodoxy in Ukraine at the direction of Tel Aviv; Jason is irrelevant, as is the free exercise clause, welcome to the gulag! Jason is going to learn real quick the lack of state redress rights to federal oppression and slippery immunity of federal law enforcement officers, becoming a toothless tiger growling at his masters.

Editor’s Note: Subversive conduct by federal muscle being fundamental liberty interest of Second Amendment, calibre choice to Patriot’s discretion.

Jason Miyares can’t recognize life in gulag, where FBI Stanley Meador awards agent jew David Brackins for authoring secret internal FBI intelligence product labeling Catholics as terrorists!!!

Whining to Wray and Garland about attacks on religious freedom like pissing in the wind. Jews have the gestapo muscle, Constitution does not apply.