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Failing Bridges

Congrats to the California Appellate Court for smacking jews of the Family Bridges talmudic mind control machine running the childhood raping, reunification concentration camp. The court ruled that the there is no evidence presented that Family Bridges is good for kids, perhaps the 90 day forced isolation of children from mother gave it away? The now-famous Blog highlights the jewish game of jew judges ordering goy kids to jew concentration camp for mind altering conditioning, which the rabbinical family court deems to be in best interests of little paedo toys, groomed in isolation to service jewish delicacy of child rape. Oi vey! Only the jews come up with THERAPY that is federally defined as child abuse.

This jewdicial freak show comes out of the courtroom of the notorious jew Judge Diana Gould-Saltman of Los Angeles County, who naturally relies on jewish testimony of psycho Dr. Stan Katz and a nutjob jew named Jayne Roberman, who specialize in the undefined ‘reunification therapy’, jewish word-salad. Jewboy Dr. Katz, self-described evaluator of custody and snake oil, highly recommends the child abuse as therapy, has all knowledge of a newt to opine on other people’s families, works hand-in-hand with quackster Roberman on how to spend other people’s money. Hispanic cunt Dr. Alicia La Hoz, Psy.D, a diverse co-founder of child abuse center Family Bridges, a money laundering scam to put federal assistance money in private pockets, while creating an illusion of care for minorities, claims to have mandatory after treatment care requiring isolation of a child from mother for 90 days, what normal people label as child abuse, but what jews call THERAPY! Psycho Dr. Randy Rand, paedophile co-founder of Family Bridges specifies that a court order is needed to invoke the ‘aftercare’, for the obvious reason that it is child abuse and intentional infliction of emotional harm, when done by a private person, who would be subject to arrest for child abuse and maltreatment. No insurance company underwrites criminal conduct. Federal money cannot be used in such a program, but no one is in compliance in the first place; jew USDOJ looks away. Given the kids are teenagers, the court holds no power to order them to do anything for 90 days, just a jewish scam played out on the goy that the court holds power to fuck over kids at will … a jewish deception, prohibited by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Judge Steven Ellis, another childhood rapist of the California jewdiciary heard mom’s complaint about the Family Bridges torture plan, upholding fellow jew Judge Saltman’s child abuse orders for ‘treatment’, the jews in black conspire to rape childhoods, Saltman is master jew of the county, Ellis must obey, as he likes to fuck little kids too.

Judge Ellis found it was in the best interest of the children to have no contact with mother during the Family Bridges program … no calls, texts, cards, hugs, letters … just like mom did not exist!

The appellate court stayed the draconian orders of the talmudic trial court in protection of the children, to arrest child abuse, to check the family court jewdiciary. The appeal took over a year, children spared from Family Bridges, Ellis is overturned, Family Bridges is out.  Read appellate decision here.

Blog’s legal department notes that the appellate court failed to recognize the lack of strict scrutiny requirement ignored by the trial court. Isolating children from a mother for any period of time is irreparable harm by denial of fundamental liberty interest, protected by the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, enforced upon the states by the Fourteenth, highlighted by SCOTUS over two decades ago in Troxel. The California Courts cannot recognize that family court is under the restrictions of the Constitution, despite all the jewish judges, lawyers, vendors, snake-oil salesman, and overall anti-Christian conduct; Satan notwithstanding.

The three stooges of the appellate court fail to recognize that if the State of California holds genuine purpose to isolate kids from mom for a period of 90 days, then the State, acting thru the Attorney General, on behalf of the sovereign people, must petition the court for such demonic abuse of children, whom the State holds duty to protect. In other words, the three stooges failed to identify the lack of subject matter jurisdiction over paedo daddy’s claim for isolation, it was a pleading for which the trial court lacked authority to grand the requested relief. Judges a very, very stupid individuals, playing dumb to traffic children, ignore due process, in obedience to their jewish masters.

Here is a shout out to a small victory against the jew, handed down by appellate judges Grimes, Stratton, Viramontes … who will all soon be beaten by jew muscle to get them back in line with chosen ideology on how to deal with goy. Jews of family court trample rights of parents, a constitutionally protected mother-child bond, ignore federal case law detailing the un-American jewish ideology designed for familial destruction of the host society. Being a mother does not turn on being married, custody battles create lawyer feed, family judges in black robes are Satan’s foot soldiers.

Editors Note:  The pathetic incompetence and jewdicial overreach of American courts fail to apply the Constitution when dealing with children, a jewish delicacy that destroys families, by design; the California Appellate Court ignores SCOTUS, eschews strict scrutiny requirements for fundamental liberties, is a jewdicial cesspool.

Jew judes Saltman and Ellis conspire to defeat constitutional protections of fundamental liberty interests under guise of jewish best interests for goy kids.

California appellate court judges Grimes, Viramonte, and Stratton ignore the constitutional flaw in the orders of the family court. All buffoons who can’t count to Fourteenth, but at least they stopped the jewish game afoot.


Quacksters Jane Roberman, Dr. Randy Rand, Dr. Stan Katz, jews of the talmudic court working to destroy families, severing mother-child bonds, demonic work favored by jews, all members of jew racketeering operation AFCC.