Jenn Shukla, Esq.

What has no brains, a Harvard Law degree, bleeds monthly, abhors dick, hates her father, and is a danger to children? Meet Attorney Jenn Shukla of the famous Hartford dyke law firm of FreedMarcroft under the supervision of super dyke Meghan Freed. What a better place for yeast infections and legal man-hating than an office of dykes engaged in family law. Jenn Shukla needs to… Read More »Jenn Shukla, Esq.

Manchester Thug

Another blog shout out to the donut whores of the thin blue line, those paedophile protecting thugs, with badges, guns, and very fucked up attitudes. Meet Sergeant Daniel Doyon of the Manchester Police Department, an expert in the criminal justice system with 14 years of experience in writing parking tickets, patrolling handicapped spots, apprehending shoplifters, and protecting the paedophiles. Do not mistake SGT Doyon for… Read More »Manchester Thug


From time to time, the now famous blog, profiles one of those nasty, incompetent lawyers who is so stupid that they are forced to practice family law for food, being totally untrustworthy to any client with a real legal issue. Today d’Blog spotlights DORI-ELLEN SCHECKNER FELTMAN out of Westport, Connecticut, who prides herself on the inability to practice law outside the cesspool of family court.… Read More »Dori

Bloomfield Police Failure

The legal scholars of the now famous blog examine the gross errors of the Bloomfield Police and the Connecticut prosecutor’s office in their fabricated effort to retrieve a child sex toy from across state lines on the private claim of blog famous Matthew Couloute of Georgia and his private legal advisor Attorney Ryan McGuigan. The matter is presently before Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut… Read More »Bloomfield Police Failure

7 Hours?

Seven hours a week is all the time a dad gets to spend with his son by order of the jews of Connecticut Family Court. Time to spotlight the bitches in black robes at the Hartford Family Courthouse, under the rule of man-hater, Presiding Judge Susan A. Connors, a dyke of paedophile proportions, who dwells in the bowels of the court system to fuck over… Read More »7 Hours?

Litigation Context?

Time to dissect more lawyer speak. The Orwellian word salad of Attorney Kristan Maccini of Howd&Ludorf has caught the attention of the now famous blog’s editorial staff. As medieval alchemists plied their trade of turning lead into gold for gullible kings, today’s lawyers mix meaningless words to create alien legal concepts inflicted on society thru incompetent courts ruled over by equally twisted judges. The mentally… Read More »Litigation Context?

Abuse Confession!

Blog famous Vicki Frenzel, concubine to the deceased William Grohs, took the witness stand yesterday afternoon in Southbury Probate Court, to testify under oath that she actively works to isolate Sophia and Genevieve Grohs from their mother. The now famous blog can’t make this shit up. Vicki Frenzel described in detail how she intercepts gifts from family and friends to prevent the girls from having… Read More »Abuse Confession!


The legal beagles in the law department of the now famous blog use this post to spotlight the unconstitutional practice of Connecticut family court in barring a parent from filing without first asking the evil jewish court permission to do so. The discussion is rather technical, but clearly shows that the jews in black robes will shred state and federal constitutions to protect pedophiles. The… Read More »Strobel

Boo hoo!

Boo hoo, so sad, blog gonna cry!!! Connecticut State Senator Alex Kasser has resigned from government as the three year slug fest in family court takes its toll. Judge Heller is doing her dirty deeds on Bergstein v Bergstein, a rich jewish family out of Greenwich providing lawyer feed to six law firms, fighting over money, while draining the family bank. It is a lawyer’s… Read More »Boo hoo!

Nasty Lawyers

Time for another look at the nasty Connecticut lawyers behind another tragic ending to a family relations dispute. Sweet 7 year old Layla Malon is dead along with her mother Tracy Do, who suffered from the legal abuse brought on by father Eric J. Malon of Westport. Eric and Tracy have been together since 2004, bringing Layla and Alexis into the world, as unmarried parents.… Read More »Nasty Lawyers