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Blue Rat

The now-famous Blog can’t make this shit up! Code of silence of the thin blue line is breached, Bloomfield PD’s lowly puppy cop turned RAT! K9 Officer Brendan Danaher refuses to take the fall for paedo ring’s trafficking precious Sophie, sex toy of Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute, by using arrest powers to extradite battered mother in safe haven under protective order of a New York Court. Not that pooper scooper rookie has the brains to pull it off, alone. Brendan tosses Detective Zachary Klomberg under the bus, filing today in federal court, claiming Judge Underhill fucked up by severing Chief Hammick, Detective Klomberg, Matthew Suplee and the Town of Bloomfield from liability in fabricating a false arrest warrant for private purpose at taxpayer’s expense, that Brendan’s claim of probable cause to arrest mommy came from above, that using the rookie to perjure the affidavit is standard practice in the world of blue. Brendan is a RAT … ratting out his masters who conspired with the State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell and Judge Omar Williams to falsely arrest mom to force surrender of Couloute’s revenue generator Sophie.

Why do citizens of Bloomfield fund police to take false criminal complaints from a liar from Georgia, subject to a New York restraining order, who presents a fake drivers license, after driving all night from Atlanta, to rendezvous with Ryan McGuigan, to enter the station at 8pm, where the desk sergeant suspends the puppy patrol as the rookie must take the complaint in a station full of donut whores? The puppy rookie had to take Couloute’s complaint? Who told pooper scooper what to do? Puppy? Did Bloomfield management think they would get away with blaming the rookie? The Town’s defense is one lowly rogue cop pulled off the fake arrest of the century? Well now, there is a rat.

Stay tuned Blog fans, Bloomfield Police Station is not a safe place for rats. Drama to continue. Chief Hammick and Zach Klomberg have a bit of a problem, do they go down with puppy cop or do they RAT out their masters, expose the state paedo ring, take down Judge Omar Williams, prosecutor Danielle O’Connell, Gail Hardy, Kevin Kane, Jack Whelan. Do the feds collar Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute for interstate kidnapping? Will it ensnare Governor Malloy? What does the Mayor of Bloomfield have to say about the big blue rat in town?

Editor’s Note:  The question remains as why Connecticut machinery did not request U.S. Marshals Service to recover the kid from New York, but handled it privately; malice obvious.

Attorney Kristan Maccini has Bloomfield cornered, Judge Underhill trapped, the paedo ring exposed.

Connect the dots … trafficking of a child sex toy with power of the State.