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Happy Hate Day!

Saturday 25 February is HAPPY HATE DAY! Exercise First Amendment protected hate! Express hatred of the inhumanity of those who hate you for not liking chosen ideology. Hate butchering children, then hate the promoters! Hate fighting wars for chosen ideology, then hate the sponsors! Hate normalizing mental disorders, then hate the therapists! Hate destruction of families, then hate the evil jewish judges. As Justice Alito states:

Speech  that  demeans  on  the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast  of  our  free  speech  jurisprudence  is  that  we  protect  the freedom  to  express the  thought  that  we  hate.

So have hatred with reckless disregard! No need to tolerate parasites who destroy culture, upend societal norms, promote deviancy, eschew conservatism, promote chaos, bait race wars, sponsor all things destructive to society, just HATE IT and hate those for hating you. Tired of HOLOHOAX, just hate it! Tired of funding a jew war in Ukraine attacking Orthodoxy, hate that too! Tired of endless war, hate it. Tired of financial destruction of your own country, sacrificed for a chosen ideology, go ahead, hate it! Tired of the lies of ‘climate change’, global warming, CO2 tales, just hate it, all bullshit. Tired of government promotion of electric cars, demonizing gas stoves, open borders, equity by skin color, satanic half-time shows … just hate it. Your masters hate you for hating them, but hate that too. They hated you first!

Dish up some hate, let the ruling elite know there is great hatred for destruction of society, let them hate your speech, attempt to muzzle your hatred, coral you into the gulag, bend you to their chosen will, whip children into obedient slaves, extinguish human spirit, live as barnyard animals. Just hate them! Tired of the government of the people, for the people, by the people controlled by folks who don’t celebrate Easter, don’t like bacon, want your guns? Just hate that too! Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, plays the jew victim card:

Hochul just following orders from her jew masters. No credible threats, but deploying goons to guard synagogues, she is obedient, will not disobey her jew masters. She also supports more dead Ukrainians in war on Orthodoxy … a jewish delicacy.

Like anyone in Bean Town cares about advice from a bunch of donut whores whipping up a frenzy as jews have been hated for at least a couple millennia, another weekend is not going to make them loved.

Illinois State Police playing along with the scare, orders from jew Governor Pritzker, promoting jewish victimhood.

Chicago police issued a similar warning to jewish communities. According to David Goldenberg, Midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, a small antisemitic group based in eastern Iowa designated February 25 as a “day of hate,” with other white supremacy and hate groups saying that they intend to participate.

“Our network of extremism analysts at ADL are carefully monitoring online platforms, chat rooms and a whole bunch of other things, and we’ll alert appropriate authorities if we see anything that we needs to be elevated,” he said. ADL is jew big brother who monitors goy for signs of Holocaust denial.

The jews of ADL are here to help identify the goy who hate their ideology, just call them, they will dispatch flying monkeys to fuck you up, remind you of your masters, muzzle your speech, take away your guns, rape your children … a jewish delicacy!

Don’t have to limit hate to just one day!

Greenblatt and Goldenberg, jew censors goy think … hate dat!


Jew-in-chief Jonathan Greenblatt signals ‘all clear’, the hated jews survived his scripted propaganda hoax. Goy return to their daily hatred of jews, nothing special, just life in the gulag!