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State Intervention!

Connecticut’s black Commissioner of Children and Families takes on the white supremacy of family court over what is ‘best’ for children. A black on white cat fight between a white jew judge and a black social worker, the State of Connecticut is at odds with itself over children, a shit show of state actors victimizing kids.

The family court bully judge of Bridgeport, the blog famous butch jew dyke Jane Grossman, expert child trafficker, tormentor of children, destructor of families, pedo protector has taken the ‘best interest’ spotlight in the cesspool of Connecticut. The moronic jew in a black robe, highly educated at Quinnipiac University of low lifes, where she also masquerades as a ‘professor’ has demonstrated that she is not even human. She holds a vindictive hatred for mothers and children, so far her dildo and pussy lickin’ girlfriend have not produced a child in her own barren, diseased womb. Her twisted, gender confused concept of self, subconsciously acts out regret, anger, and retaliation spewed from the bench in barbaric orders that isolate children from mother in the name of ‘best interests’. Needless to say, the severe deviant trauma of her own abused childhood is manifesting itself in her discretionary ‘court orders’. A professional psyche eval of such a vindictive, warped, deviant individual would have been proper due diligence by Malloy before nomination to the bench. The mental defects are glaring. The fact that such a lesbo beast is allowed near children shows the power of the jews of the state pedo ring. (Reappointment hearing April 2022 … bring popcorn!)

Unfortunately for bully butch dyke, her isolation orders of the three kids in the Ambrose case for the last year has circled back to bite her ugly butt. Grossman ordered a ‘momectomy’ last March, to protect the kids from a mother hated by the dyke jewdicial authority. Complete isolation is a pedo ploy to induce a psychotic break in the minds of the children, who are expected to normalize to life without mom, allowing dad to make profitable use of them, when properly drugged and conditioned. Kids can’t complain to mom of rashes, butt hurt or why their crotches itch. It is a pedo world and ‘Jane The Bully’ is part of it. However, all did not go as planned.

After multiple complaints made to Department of Children and Families, after several tricks played by jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, after repeated conclusions by child protection investigator Stacey Falk, that the kids were lying, mom was bad and all complaints were the subversive work of mother, who had not hugged the kids in a year, someone in child protection picked up on what was really going on by the whack-nut father, Christopher Ambrose. ABUSE!!!

DCF let slip that Christopher Ambrose, the 59 year old father of three has been abusing the kids through isolation and psychological harm, inducing fear, anxiety, and damaging behavior in the children,. What a Dad!!! The State of Connecticut is now expending resources to protect the children, short of seizing them. The program is called INTENSIVE FAMILY PRESERVATION. Isn’t that special. Dyke jew judge isolates the four-legged calves from the mother in the name of the State, being in the best interest, then the State comes along a year later to protect the children from the damage done by its own court.

The now famous blog must point out that the goal of the INTENSIVE PRESERVATION program is to preserve the FAMILY … that would be the Ambrose family which Bully Judge Grossman has ordered destroyed by isolating the kids from mom through pedo isolation. Sound contradictory? The jewdicial branch of government works to destroy the family unit by erasing mom, now the executive branch of government works to undo jew Grossman’s handiwork. Oi vey … the jews need to work on the script!

In order for the State to intervene in daddy’s torture of the children, it had to make a finding that there was substantial risk to the safety and well-being of the children. The State determined the family was in ‘crisis’ because of Grossman’s isolation order. The State determined that the kids were in ‘imminent risk’ of removal from father’s care, to be placed in a foster home or psychiatric facility. The program flows from the federal Administration of Children & Families. Details can be found here. The INTENSIVE PRESERVATION will be carried out by DCF employee Zavondia Johnson and supervised by Ladwana Jenkins, much to the ire of jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz who has officially lost control over DCF in the trafficking of the kids. Is this the ultimate showdown where nigger commissioner of DCF, Vannessa Dorante goes up against the chief nigger of the jewdiciary, Richard Robinson? Who is protecting kids, who is trafficking kids? Did the pedophiles lose control, exposing DCF’s past trafficking tricks under Joette Katz? Has Commissioner Dorante begun to expose the actions of jew GALs from family court, keeping child protective services muzzled, while the jew judges sell child ass? What power paradigm has shifted in the white world of jewish pedophilia in Corrupticut?

Note that the federal guidelines state the INTENSIVE program is community based, meaning the neighbors of 381 Horse Pond Road in Madison will be aware of the child torture next door. Madison Public Schools will have some explaining to do as why they ignored the cries of the children, supporting Mr. Ambrose in his horrific torture, in full view of the community. Having called the kids liars about their suffering will bring down a heavy liability on Principal Kathryn Hart of Polson Middle School and her mandatory reporter school nurse Karen Owen. Also on the hot seat for failure to protect children is Madison Police Chief Jack Drumm, whose boys in blue knew full well the story of the abused kids, as Mr. Ambrose was being investigated for child sexual abuse by detective William DeGoursey.

Stay tuned folks, exposure of pedo tricks in Connecticut can be deadly, but the cross-hairs are on Judge Grossman.

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Judge Jane Kupson Grossman, child trafficker, pedo protector, Presiding Judge Bridgeport Family Court.
Ambrose kids under state intervention for protection from Christopher Ambrose
Jew Jocelyn Hurwitz, court appointed GAL, child trafficker, $400/hr to cover up child abuse.
DCF Commissioner Vannessa Dorante, taking on the white pedo ring of Connecticut.
Chief Justice Robinson, court orders of child abuse being attacked by black sister Vannessa … showdown?