Katz Cites Famous Blog

The famous blog notes citation by retired Judge Joette Katz in her inane opinion piece published in the comic strip known as the ‘Connecticut Law Tribune‘.

She states from her high perch of self-appointed importance that “…legislators have given voice to anti-Semitic propaganda by litigants who blog obsessively about the “Jew overlords,” King Solomon (Deputy Chief Court Administrator Judge Solomon) and other “mentally deranged persons of Jewish faith.” Once treated as the rantings of mad men, these blogs are now the Bible of some legislators who engage in public lynchings of fine individuals for hours while other legislators sit on the sidelines, seemingly afraid to interrupt lest they be the next target.”

Link to article here.  Copy in .pdf here.  Copy below.

NEWSFLASH to Katz the nut job, Connecticut Family Judges are not all “fine individuals”, they are the scum of the profession and are chosen from scum lawyers who practice in trafficking children for profit; a very un-American value.  Family Court is an invention of the AFCC, which is a jewish creation; anti-Christian promoting a pro-pedophile agenda.  Jew Judge Solomon proudly proclaims that he has trained all these lecherous child predators in black.

Joette is clueless to the Zionistic agendas (pedophiles) that control the Family Court.  She does not recognize the amount of money that her fellow beasts in black robes extract from citizens before the bench.  She is unaware of the filth of humanity that practice family law.  She cannot see that children are not the interest, but the means to drain a family of all financial resources.  The players that feed off of families are low lifes and curiously non-Christian people.  The heavy hitters of family court are all jews.  Jew lawyers feeding off of jew judges who were jew family court lawyers.  There is no practice of law, just jewdicial discretion over the goyim.  Even the judges pet ‘therapists’ are Jews.  Children are four-legged animals to the court.  Statutes don’t matter, in fact they are routinely ignored.

Face it, Joette is a dirty family court insider.  She sat on the Supreme Court which granted GALs immunity.  See Carruba v Moskowitz  in 2005.  Not the people’s choice, but the jew judges desire to have their Zionistic child trafficking foot soldiers immune from attack by Christians before the bench.  A financial racket so well constructed that the GAL fees are invisible to the IRS.  Such undocumented payments provide the kickbacks to the judges for the lucrative $350/hr + appointments handed out to jewdicial pets.  Call it pay to play.  A total scam hiding in the light, with no paper trail.  Like a court needs a pissant lawyer from a bottom tier law school to represent a ‘best interest’; what a word salad for extortion and larceny.

These black-robed monsters are learning the hard way that government is of the people, by the people and for the people.  When ‘We the people’ get tired of this jewdicial shit, we will replace the smelly parts.  Jane Emons will soon be out, then there is a long list of others….Adelman, Bozzuto, Olear (almost got her last time), Wetstone, Gold, Gould, Murphy, Danaher, Carbonneau, Ficeto, Schofield, Diana, Armata….monsters who hold a belief that they are chosen.  The law does not matter and the litigants are four-legged animals whose life savings bespoke to the Bar Association. (Jewish Family Court Section).

The judiciary is not independent, was never designed to be, just another lie by Katz and her jewish pals to heard the goyim down the chute to slaughter.  Destruction of parent-child bonds being Kundry’s Revenge. Thomas Jefferson noted that judges were the most dangerous people in government, that the courts lacked needed checks and balances, that the country can be destroyed by these monsters in black robes.  Connecticut proves its rabbinical courts are capable of destroying Christian families by whim.  Katz is a prime example.  Giving immunity by discretionary appointment by a judge; immunity does not attach; not the will of the people, the will of jews like Joette and her masters.

Face it folks, Connecticut Family Court is now a battleground of good vs evil, Christians vs Jews, humans vs aliens; the war is on, the people hold the power, Joette and her tribe are going down, no need to complain, they brought it on themselves.  Scream all you want, Baby Aaden can’t hear you.

All for you Baby Aaden, the white jew court of Connecticut wouldn’t even give you a GAL because you were poor and Christian.  Your ‘best interests’ were not worth a dime to Judge Pinkus who signed your death warrant.  Payback is in progress.  Lynching of all the judges, administrators, counselors and other paycheck sponges of the family court is due in your memory and to ensure it never happens again.  Baby Aaden is the new Christian martyr killed by King Jew Judge Solomon.

Now tee up Attorney Barbara Aaron for a people’s lynching.

Editor’s Note:  A healthy dislike for Talmudic conduct has little to do with an ancient people who spoke languages classified as ‘semitic’.  There is nothing ‘anti-semitic’ in the vile dislike (hatred) for a religion based on the Talmud.  Jews are not a ‘race’, they just share a common belief and think they are chosen and that they are better than everybody else….ok to hate dat!!  Nice to know that Judge Katz defiles the court by calling it the land of broken toys…..what the chosen think of the children of the goy.

Baby Aaden . victim of family court.  Never had an immune GAL….too poor.

Judge Jewette Katz…immunity for $350/hr GAL charlatans.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler…hates Christian Martyrs like Baby Aaden…it exposes his Zionist agenda.

Judicial Nominations Are Being Thrown Off-Balance

By Joette Katz | April 09, 2018 at 12:55 PM

It is a fundamental principle that the judicial component of government is independent in order to insulate its members from punitive actions by the legislative and executive branches of the government. Only when the judiciary is independent can it make fair decisions that uphold the rule of law, an essential element of any genuine constitutional democracy.

In fact, it is the judiciary that guards the rule of law in a constitutional democracy. I recognize the equally well-established tenet that the legislature must enjoy its oversight function through the confirmation and reappointment process, but that oversight must be exercised with caution and discretion, after extensive and careful deliberation, if healthy judicial independence is to be maintained. Nothing has more negatively impacted these fundamental precepts than this year’s round of judicial confirmation hearings.

This editorial is not about the important decisions by judges regarding statutory construction or constitutional rulings about such weighty issues as the death penalty. Some of you will be relieved to know that this editorial is not about Justice McDonald, about whom much has already been written. Rather, it is about the witch hunt that began a few years ago against judges brave enough to sit on the family court, who some days make complicated decisions about pensions and other property interests but who mostly try to help sad and hurting people pick up the pieces of their fractured lives.

When asked years ago when I was a Superior Court judge if I would be willing to sit in Family Court, I replied “not even if it were a condition of probation.” That was not because I did not think it had interesting legal issues (it does) but rather because I knew I did not have the patience of Job; I did not have the ability to sort through the land of broken toys deciding which litigants were genuinely concerned about their family and which ones merely wanted to continue to punish the person they could no longer control.

Those brave souls who stood up when called for duty have gotten nothing but grief when their time for reappointment came. Not only are those judges vilified for appointing GALs for parents who do not behave with their children’s best interests in mind, but they are abusively disparaged for just trying to decipher the truth behind the allegations and for—God forbid—not always believing the assertions of litigants. Now they are second-guessed by some legislators, who have decided their role is to be fact finders, psychiatrists and ultimately judges. They chose to believe everything their constituents claim without benefit of hearing both sides or the threat under oath.

This is bad enough and a complete bastardization of their role, but now some legislators have given voice to anti-Semitic propaganda by litigants who blog obsessively about the “Jew overlords,” King Solomon (Deputy Chief Court Administrator Judge Solomon) and other “mentally deranged person[s] of Jewish faith.” Once treated as the rantings of mad men, these blogs are now the Bible of some legislators who engage in public lynchings of fine individuals for hours while other legislators sit on the sidelines, seemingly afraid to interrupt lest they be the next target.

It is not the fact of oversight that creates a constitutional crisis, but rather it is the lack of standards along with the ad hominem attacks that threaten the calm, deliberative process meant to govern legislative oversight. So unless the Legislature stops trivializing the process through one that more closely resembles the Stalin show trials, we seriously jeopardize the democratic legitimacy of our constitution.

Joette Katz is commissioner of the state Department of Children and Families and a former associate justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. She also co-chairs the editorial board of the Connecticut Law Tribune.