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Madison Speech Police

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the public holds right to scrutiny of matters in a public forum protected by the First Amendment, which is itself protected by the Second Amendment. The cops of Madison, Connecticut answer to a higher calling than the Constitution, where they hunt down free speech under the guise of a criminal complaint of a family court litigant who thinks he is special because he pays Jocelyn Hurwitz lots of money to bring harm to his children and their mother. Now Chief Jack Drumm has dispatched his flying monkeys to hunt the now famous blog by direction of his jewish masters; Constitution be damned!

Don’t like criticism, don’t like publicity, don’t like other folk’s opinion, call a whambulance for treatment of reality induced butt hurt. Welcome to America. Just the lay of the land. Publicity is the price paid for litigation. Blog notes that Christopher Ambrose is making criminal complaints to Madison Police over free speech. The dunkin’ donut bingers brushed off the powdered sugar to take a complaint that the famous blog is the famous blog, scrutinizing the pedo games in family court in the Ambrose case. Just another family fleecing orchestrated by the lecherous players of family court. The guardian ad litem for the kids is the notorious pedo child trafficker, Jocelyn Hurwitz, who is desperately looking for a way to get the mother of her wards arrested on a felony to gain an advantage in a fabricated custody fight. This classic ‘cop’ play is a well known pedo trick, as the thin blue thugs are always out to make a few extra bucks by the underhanded direction of lawyers. Jocelyn was even overheard discussing the need to get mom arrested with dad’s attorney Nancy Aldrich of Westport. The blog sees all, hears all too!

Do the citizens of Madison know that they are paying town police to hunt free speech? Does First Selectman Peggy Lyon have a swastika tattoo on her left tit? Do the other town board members knowingly sponsor police terrorism in Madison? Bruce Wilson a member of ISIS? Erin Duques belong to Al Queda? Al Goldberg a Mossad operative? Scott Murphy a member of the state pedophile ring? What sinister cause do these people have to dispatch armed thugs with badges, guns and attitude to undermine the First Amendment? Town Board of Censorship and all things un-American? Or is it that the Board has no idea that Chief Jack Drumm runs a private pay army for dirty deeds done with cash, ordered up by unscrupulous jewish lawyers who prey on children for pleasure and profit?

Chief of Censorship Police and Flying Monkeys, Jack Drumm … terrorist.
Private Pay Censorship Army