She’s A Witch!

The Connecticut Family Court holds the modern day version of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Rather than accusations of witchcraft, today’s court applies claims of mental defect. Like what is witchcraft in the first place? What is a mental defect?

Deep in the bowels of the Bridgeport Courthouse, Judge Jane Grossman opines from the bench in the Ambrose case that the mother of Mia, Matthew and Sawyer is suspected of having an untreated psychiatric mental defect that will soon manifest itself as a bipolar manic episode, which is of paramount concern to the court. Simply put, Grossman has accused the mother of being a Witch. The State of Connecticut has not made such charge, not even a charge of neglect or unfitness, but the Salem court knows its way around the law. Character assassination of mother is a well defined jew process of the family court, played by all the jews to traffic the four-legged calves of the goy.

Grossman ruled from the bench in that mother had a disability recognized by the court, which applies the federal law of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Under Title II of this Act, the state court cannot discriminate on the basis of the disability. The state is required to provide an accommodation to assist any qualified person having a disability, being a civil rights protection. Grossman does not even know the law. Stating from the bench that the court is causing severe stress and anxiety to the mother by isolating the children from her, then claiming that such stress is harmful to the mother, then speculating that there will be an episode due to the conduct of the court, clearly proves that the judge is acting in a harmful manner against a qualified individual under the Act, which makes the state liable for deprivation of federal rights protections. Another example of the Connecticut court operating outside the rule of law to affect the goals of zionism to undermine the order of the host society. Again the famous blog recognizes Nigger Boy Robinson and the heretic Michael Albis for allowing Grossman to hold a Witch Trial. Robinson being just a black-faced puppet on jewish strings, devoid of principles of law.

Of paramount concern of the court is the suspicion of mother’s disability … another Nutmeg violation of federal law.

The famous blog notes that in this September hearing, Jocelyn Hurwitz was present. She is the $400/hr GAL who is tasked by the court to uphold the best interests of the the kids. She did nothing but smile while the court accused her wards’ mother of being a Witch. Jocelyn is a partner at the very jewish law firm of Cohen&Wolf, who profits handsomely by trampling goyish civil rights under the color of state dissolution law. Their insurance company should be trembling at this point. Managing partner Ari Hoffman has some explaining to do.

Judge Grossman entertains allegations that mother is a Witch, then isolated the kids from mother. Because mother and the kids opposed the draconian isolation order, Grossman found that mother is a Witch and that the unhappiness of the children proves they are under the spell of a Witch. Grossman is now worried that the Witch might do something bad, so the court will soon order the possessed children drowned in a lake to eradicate the witchcraft, while the Witch is burned at the stake, while the lawyers rejoice all the way to the bank…the real purpose of family court.

When does Judge Grossman and her pal Hurwitz get the witchcraft of a .50 cal to the head? Would anyone be surprised?

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