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Klan ad litem

The infamous money laundering operation of Connecticut Family Court is the judicial version of the Ku Klux Klan.  The white robes replaced by simple black on the grand masters.  Klansmen wear poorly tailored suits, carry briefcases and address each other as ‘attorney’.

The racist element is more sinister than the age old white/black game.  The good old USA has played the white/red game.  The reds lost and now live in out of the way reservations.  Then the white/black game.  The blacks lost.  Then the white/brown game.  The browns lost, whites got Puerto Rico.  Then the whites/yellow, the yellow lost but still got to keep their island nation.  But what lives among us is the white/white game of Connecticut Family Court.  A white/white game just as racist and inhuman as the white/black one.

White judges in black robes rape, plunder and lynch white folk in a public forum ironically labelled ‘family’ court.  There is no law, just discretion, which is nothing more than the creed of the white jewish supremacist on the bench.  Note the color scheme.  All white supremacist judges in black robes.  Master judges are jews.  Subordinate judges are sexual deviants who are submissive to their jewish overlords and teachings of the Talmud, a.k.a the bench book.  Jews love pedophilia. Jews are chosen, you are not.  Gentiles before the bench are four legged animals as are their children.

Why would a black judge follow the commands of the white supremacist jew judge?  See the problem?  But no black judges in the family court, no black foot soldiers either.  This is a jew white on gentile white game.  Black people won’t play the game and are excluded.  The chosen ‘attorneys’ appointed as klan guardian ad litem for the supremacist court.  These K-GAL’s are all white.  Not a single black person.  They can be gay, lesbo, pedophiles or even axe murders, but they can’t be black.  The klan is exclusively white.  The construction is simple, the ruling of the grand master is by discretion which will not be disturbed by a higher court.  The grand master is untouchable.  The Klansmen-GALs have IMMUNITY by the highest court, so ruled by Jew Katz.  The system is above the law.  The sovereign people have no say, no power, no control, the legislature is silenced and the people are mere victims of their jewish overlords.

The jewish white man has created a Klan to rape, plunder, lynch and rob the gentile white folk and their kids, in public view, in the public forum of a court of law.  The power to create this clan and lynch at will, comes directly from the power of the court itself.  Not a statute, not will of a sovereign people, not a constitutional clause.  Simply the internal discretion of a court power wielded from the bench by evil in black robes.  The little courts abuse their powers, but the big court, under jewish rule of high priestess Joette Katz confers immunity on the Klan, making them untouchable, above the law, free to lynch at will under the discretion of the grand masters in black robes.  A system so perfect and so untouchable, created by Satan himself.