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Tippins is ripe!

New York Attorney Tim Tippins, family court woodchuck of upstate, self-described legal expert on his own opinions, often seen parading about as a part-time law professor at the bottom of the barrel Albany Law School for retards, when he is not pretending to also be on the ‘faculty’ at St. John’s curiously named Academy of forensic psychological bullshit, has opined that Dr. Fauci and family court share the same deceptive game of fraud in his recent article published in the equally deceptive New York Law Journal.

Tippins bludgeons the reader with the title: The Fallibility of Expertise: A Call for Judicial Skepticism. He applies this claim of fallibility to the jewish scam of family court in the State of New York. Like the most casual observer can’t see the jewish fallibility applied by the discretion of jewish judges to financially reward unclean lawyers for creating conflict where none exists and to traffic children for the state pedo ring? Oi vey, we all know the scam, what is Tippins trying to say? Experts sell snake oil, because they are experts?

Is Tippins really suggesting that family court relies on a false expertise of ‘psychologists’ and ‘experts’ to support the evil rulings of jews in black robes to traffic kids? That the scam of psychology, created by jews of the Frankfurt School has a place in a Christian society, that state licensed quacksters are ‘experts’? That the scam is just now ‘ripe’? The world knows all this!! Is Tippins looking to be permanently blackballed by Liz Garry of 3rd Department and Gerry Whalen of 4th for stating that family court judges cannot identify scams in their own courts? How does one call for ‘judicial skepticism’ when the judges run the racket?? His article is an absolute joke. The entire construct of family court is to have no standards, no rule of law, no expertise, just pure discretion of a jew in a black robe from whom a decision can be purchased by the application of coin to the palm of trusted lawyers and deviant vendors who prey on children for sexual pleasure.

Tippins confuses ‘science’ with the biased, purchased opinions of court experts, who live like vultures, circling the courts of their doting judges for their next meal. Science does not rely on the discretion of a sexually deviant child predator in a black robe. Science holds no place in family court, lest the lawyers be out of a job. Tippins fails to recognize that ‘psychology’ is not a science, it is a humanity, an observational study where misfits make up syndromes about caffeine and jelly donuts, no different than an art historian commenting on the effects of alcohol on Titian’s paintings. Tippins erroneously believes there is forensics in family court, that complex mental health analysis by scam artists gives the State cause to strip a parent of custody of a child. He overlooks the jewish mastery of the family court, disguised by terms like evaluations, forensics, custody decisions, best interests, child rights, recommendations, therapy, parenting plans. All just the jews’ game to undermine the goy parent-child bond while bleeding the family savings account to feed Tippins and his fellow parasites. After all, Tippins cannot get a job as a window washer, nor practice a disciplined form of law, as he would have no clients, so he preys on children. Writing stupid articles helps his branding, but only for the stupid, as the rest of the world sees Tippins for the charlatan he is. The bowtie is hilarious.

The informed blog reader understands that Dr. Robert E. Emery of the University of Virginia wrote a paper in which he and colleagues stated that there is no application of psychology to the ‘custody’ question on which Tippins relies for food and clothing. There is no science to apply, there are no studies, experiments or other scientific methods which can be applied in the family court. Tippins game is and always has been a SCAM. A simple no-fault divorce will generate no money for members of the Bar. Only artificial custody fights created for no purpose in law, keeps these lawyers from the poor house. Free state money for AFCs, court ordered payments to ‘experts’, protracted litigation, kickbacks to judges is all that keeps the money flowing from the goy to the jewish masters of family court.

Tippins concludes that ‘there is a dearth of specious expert techniques that have been slithering into our courtrooms for decades. Forensic testimony in custody trials is one that is truly ripe for intense and skeptical judicial scrutiny.’ But everyone knows that a family court expert is simply a ‘court whore’ for which much has been written. Unscrupulous scam artists who prey on vulnerable children and parents, no concern for their victims, just focused on money, the core purpose of family litigation. Family court has been RIPE for destruction since the jews created it. Nobody wins in family court, except the lawyers, just a jewish trap to destroy families, run by inhumane judges.

Save a kid, shoot a psychologist, run over a custody evaluator, hang an AFC, burn a demonic judge at the stake, skin a lawyer or two. Children are precious and need to be protected from the NY family court and the jews who run it.

Timothy Tippins, child predator, psychological quackster, preys on children, promotes conflict to feed himself, probably likes little boys too. He is an expert.