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Matthew Couloute

Couloute Restrained

    Blog star Matthew Couloute has been restrained by Judge Brinkworth of Erie County Family Court in protection of his abused daughter and battered ex-wife. The long arm of New York reached to Cumming, Georgia slapping a no-contact restraining order on the now-famous Blog star. Oi vey, the dumb nigger just can’t get enough Blog coverage, he has to flap his big nigger lips, threaten his daughter’s mother with elimination by hit squad, never see it coming, while he would be nowhere in sight, next his vodka soaked brain terrorizes his daughter, by threatening to drag mom back into court, whip his legal blackness on the white judge, and take the… Read More »Couloute Restrained


      Panic grips Kristen Macinni, attorney trying to save Bloomfield Puppy Cop Brendan Danaher who falsely arrested Matthew Couloute’s baby mamma in conspiracy with Ryan McGuigan, Daddy Judge Danaher, Chief Paul Hammick, State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell and Judge Omar Williams. Brendan faces a federal jury of his peers who will not believe battered mother, in safehaven protecting sexually abused child is worthy of arrest by Connecticut on complaint of a resident of Georgia. Brendan is going down, everyone knows it, especially Kristen who knows where all the dogs are buried. Kristen’s latest legal trickery is to demand the State’s Attorney file on baby momma’s false interstate felony arrest, desperately hoping to… Read More »Panic!

      Malicious Prosecution

        The now-famous Blog legal department reviews Second Circuit ruling on malicious prosecution, predicting that rookie puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Predatory Police will go down before a jury on the arrest of Matthew Couloute’s baby momma. Place your bets, millions on the table as Brendan is the tip of the iceberg, the small cog in the wheel of Connecticut criminal justice machinery that Couloute and his paedo pal Ryan McGuigan put into illegal motion to steal a child for deviant usage. Spotlight obnoxious Attorney Kristen Maccini who has been lying to the world for four years that her puppy cop client did nothing wrong by penning an affidavit of… Read More »Malicious Prosecution

        Blue Rat

          The now-famous Blog can’t make this shit up! Code of silence of the thin blue line is breached, Bloomfield PD’s lowly puppy cop turned RAT! K9 Officer Brendan Danaher refuses to take the fall for paedo ring’s trafficking precious Sophie, sex toy of Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute, by using arrest powers to extradite battered mother in safe haven under protective order of a New York Court. Not that pooper scooper rookie has the brains to pull it off, alone. Brendan tosses Detective Zachary Klomberg under the bus, filing today in federal court, claiming Judge Underhill fucked up by severing Chief Hammick, Detective Klomberg, Matthew Suplee and the Town of… Read More »Blue Rat

          Brendan’s Defense

            Pooper scooper K9 cop of Bloomfield Police, mother hunter and paedo operative Brendan Danaher has a bombshell defense exposed by his lawyer Kristan Maccini before Judge Stefan Underhill of U.S. District Court Connecticut … he was following orders of Detective Zach Klomberg!! No reasonable jury is going to believe little rookie puppy cop singularly manipulated machinery of Connecticut’s criminal justice system to obtain a felony extradition warrant of a battered mother in safe haven in another state on complaint of a resident of Georgia. The defense is perfect! How did a K9 cop know to void a restraining order of another state, take the word of Matthew Couloute, speaking for… Read More »Brendan’s Defense

            Brendan Goes To Trial

              Brendan Danaher, pooper scooper puppy cop of Bloomfield Police faces a federal jury for hunting a battered mother across state lines, nullifying court orders, perjury, executing directives of corrupt Connecticut lawyers, prosecuting a complaint of a mad man from Georgia, conspiring with prosecutors for abuse of the criminal justice system for private gain; child abuse, attempted kidnapping notwithstanding. Officer Danaher’s crooked daddy Judge John Danaher is upset his paedo ring has been outed … again. Today, pooper scooper cop’s lawyer, the obnoxious, hideous Kristan Maccini tortured USDJ Stefan Underhill with meritless, frivolous whining on why a sworn law enforcement officer should not face a jury for arresting mother on direction… Read More »Brendan Goes To Trial


                Blog star Annie Dranginis is proclaimed paedo protector, hag jew, best lawyer of next year award recipient, by the jew propaganda organization Best Lawyers, Inc. The jew game is obvious, create a fake organization of jew lawyers to confer awards on other jew lawyers fooling goy into thinking old cunts like Annie Dranginis have magic sauce at law. Lawyers praising other lawyers in promotion of looting in the name of the honorable profession, being nothing but ‘craft for plunder’.  Oi vey! Of great Blog attention is Best Lawyer Annie Dranginis in family law!!  The jew paedo scam praises Annie for her craft of raping childhood for shekels, a beacon to… Read More »Annie!

                Danaher Sacrificed

                  The jig is up, the word is out, Officer Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield PD, is being sacrificed for his conspiracy participation with Matthew Couloute and Attorney Ryan McGuigan for the illegal interstate felony arrest of Couloute’s baby mama.  The long drawn out paedo saga is coming to conclusion, the old story of manly Couloute using his pal McGuigan and friend Judge John A. Danaher to have Judge Omar Williams issue an interstate arrest warrant, on application sworn by K9 officer Danaher, endorsed by prosecutor Danielle O’Connell to retrieve child sex toy from Buffalo. Drama Recap:  Couloute abandons ex-wife and daughter, moves to Georgia with son Xavier to attend a weird,… Read More »Danaher Sacrificed

                  Matthew Couloute at it again!

                    Latest update on Matthew Couloute’s never ending drama of lies continues in mid-July where he has been summoned to appear in person before Erie County Family Court, Judge Thomas DiMillo, who will take up his petition to relocate daughter Sophie to Atlanta, because daddy is delusional, mom is bad, and daughter is a victim of sexual abuse, living in safe haven.  Thought LoVallo was bad, DiMillo is evil. Remember the story, Matthew Couloute is an attorney in good standing in Connecticut and New York, registered at 3210 Lakeheath Drive in Cumming, Georgia, but represents to the court that he is living at 574 King Street in Suwannee, in Gwinnett County,… Read More »Matthew Couloute at it again!

                    Summary Bullshit

                      The drama of Matthew C. Couloute and his paedo pals of Connecticut continues with the incompetent legal tricks of Kristan Maccini, the fat bottomed lawyer defending puppy cop, jew boy Brendan Danaher of the Bloomfield Blue Thug Club; guns, badges, attitudes, no brains but deviant love of children. Brendan Danaher is son of evil Judge John Danaher III, who destroyed every mother who appeared before his family court bench, the judge is not a jew, but married one. Puppy cop Danaher is the municipal clown who applied his lacking police skills to eschew the orders of a New York court in protection of a child, finding probable cause to arrest… Read More »Summary Bullshit