Private Claim

Spoiler alert, this post is over the heads of most state and municipal employees. If you are a cop, forget it. The now famous blog breaks down how a pedo nigger dad from Georgia used the Connecticut criminal justice system to arrest his ex-wife in New York by his sole private claim to skirt family court jurisdiction, attempting to kidnap his sexually abused daughter, for more sexual abuse.

Here is the quick synopsis of pedo dad’s dilemma. Matthew Couloute is broke, lives at his mom’s in Bloomfield, he packs his son of the other mother in the car, relocates to Cumming, Georgia, enrolls son in expensive private school, gets a GA driver’s license, works as a UPS driver, abandons daughter and other battered mother in Connecticut, with no money, no food, no child care, where she is rescued by grandpa, finding shelter and food at ‘rents house in NY. Couloute is slapped with a NY restraining order for being an ass, along with a summons to explain his abandonment, then an order to show cause on why mom should not be given sole custody of his abandoned, sexually abused daughter.

Couloute panics, calls pal Ryan McQuigan, who together fabricate a ‘custodial interference’ complaint, dutifully repeated by K9 Officer Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police to brainless Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell. Judge Omar Williams, light black boy in dark black robe issues a felony arrest warrant, where O’Connell approves request for extradition, on the private claim of dragging mom back to Connecticut, where bail conditions require surrendering the sex toy to Couloute the abuser. Specifically, the prosecutor specified that mom was to be held in jail until the kid was re-captured.

All appears legit, except for all the details. Couloute is a resident of Georgia, mom a resident of New York, Bloomfield Police have no jurisdiction. The dispute claimed by dad is about custody of his abandoned daughter, who is under the jurisdiction of a NY court, as is he. Nothing for Bloomfield Police to do. Any professionalism by law enforcement requires that the matter be dropped. Go back to Georgia, Mr. Couloute, you have a date with a judge in NY … but NO! This is the pedophile, child rape capital of New England, the sex toy will be retrieved!! Damn the law.

The blog interrupts this pedo story to highlight that Connecticut General Statutes 46b-115 p & z, prohibits simultaneous custody proceedings of two competing state courts. It is called the UCCJEA: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. NY had the kid and jurisdiction, Connecticut was barred by its own statute of being involved. Two states are barred by law from fighting over the same kid. But since when has pedoville ever followed the law when child rape is the issue?

On cue, Brendan Danaher fabricates an affidavit claiming there is ‘probable cause’ to arrest mom for felony custodial interference, prosecutor Danielle O’Connell feigns scrutiny, Judge Williams signs warrant without reading it. Mom is hunted in New York, by a posse lead by Matthew Couloute, who drove all the way from Georgia to seize his play toy. But local police tell him to get fucked, as they can see through the Connecticut pedo scam. Local social services does one better, grabs the kid with a protective order preventing Couloute and Connecticut from touching her. Well played NY!!!

Mother was eventually arrested on the fabricated warrant, posted bail, appeared in Connecticut criminal court, where the prosecutor dropped the charge, as the child was not retrieved, there was no end of justice to pursue against mom, all a waste of time. See how the pedo utopia of Connecticut works? The criminal justice system will be used to retrieve a child sex toy, the police, prosecutor, judge, all play along, until it doesn’t work, then it is dropped, in the hope that no one will notice.

Oops, the blog noticed!

Clueless Judge Budzik drops charges against mother when the playtoy was seized by New York. The unknowing twit was played by the state pedo ring. Too bad the blog noticed.
Attorney Kristan Maccini, hopeless attorney defending K9 cop who fabricated probable cause for a statutory bar to custody enforcement action. Soon to be out of a job for not recognizing how fucked her client is and how bad everyone lied. Dumb cunt!