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Summary Bullshit

The drama of Matthew C. Couloute and his paedo pals of Connecticut continues with the incompetent legal tricks of Kristan Maccini, the fat bottomed lawyer defending puppy cop, jew boy Brendan Danaher of the Bloomfield Blue Thug Club; guns, badges, attitudes, no brains but deviant love of children. Brendan Danaher is son of evil Judge John Danaher III, who destroyed every mother who appeared before his family court bench, the judge is not a jew, but married one. Puppy cop Danaher is the municipal clown who applied his lacking police skills to eschew the orders of a New York court in protection of a child, finding probable cause to arrest a battered mother in safe haven at request of a resident of Georgia on criminal charges fabricated for a family matter. The fraud is palpable, but he was doing what daddy judge directed, based on crazy idea of Attorney Ryan McGuigan to retrieve Matt Couloute’s sex toy from across state lines; a victim who can pick Uncle Ryan’s dick out of a line up.

Let’s not forget the assistance of State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell who followed direction to present the false arrest application to Judge Omar Williams, pal of Couloute, to abuse judicial powers to retrieve the child sex toy. A violation of rights played out in full public view, for which little jew boy puppy cop now pleads in federal court is all perfectly legal; just doin’ his job. The pathetic excuses for summary judgement by Danaher can be read here. Quite a laugh, written by a chicken, reads like shoe leather, sounds like total bullshit, not even legal argle bargle, but hey not like Kristan Maccini of HowdLudorff is a real lawyer. Lying sack of shit Maccini claims that it is professional police conduct for puppy cop to ignore restraining orders issued by another state, make false public statements, claim Connecticut is supreme, that the municipal corporation of Bloomfield holds jurisdiction to entertain false criminal complaints from a resident of Georgia, aimed at a protected resident of New York, just because Attorney Ryan McGuigan arranged it; paedo cops are beholden to the ring. Maccini claims jew boy cop has ‘qualified immunity’ for hunting a battered mother and child sex toy across state lines on complaint of nigger paedo Matthew Couloute of Cumming, Georgia. After all, immunity is designed to protect GALs, limo drivers, and rogue cops working for the ring.

Maccini further claims that arresting battered mother in another state was not ‘false’, but a deliberate cause of the State of Connecticut, as arranged by Attorney Ryan McGuigan, Judge John Danaher, prosecutor Danielle O’Connell, and Judge Omar Williams. Like sovereign nutmegs had cause to interfere with child protection actions of the State of New York? Connecticut had need to re-capture the sex toy so Couloute could traffic his daughter to his paedo pals in Georgia to pay private tuition for his son Xavier at Lyndon Academy; clown has no money, kid is income. The sole purpose of the arrest was to force delivery of the sex toy to Couloute, which Danaher clearly states in his bail conditions, as instructed. So obvious.

Maccini falsely claims that the little municipal police department had probable cause to arrest a battered mother in safe haven, where complainant Matthew Couloute of Georgia was properly restrained under orders of a New York State court, prior to the false criminal complaint. Maccini think anyone buying her shit? Maccini a child predator? A danger to society? A conspirator to traffic children? A colonial lynching nominee? Maccini is so retarded that she tries to weave the old UCCJA civil statute into the criminal claim by Couloute. Clueless cunt. She sooooo stupid as not to realize that both parents left the state, instantly extinguishing Connecticut’s jurisdiction. Oi vey, a license to practice law is issued on lack of brains. Dumb cunt so fucking stupid, a liar too!

Maccini claims jew boy puppy cop acted without MALICE, in reality he was doing what he was told by Judge Danaher (daddy) and paedo player Attorney Ryan McGuigan to retrieve the sex toy, who Matthew Couloute never even paid a dime to feed. Abandoned child, battered mother, sex abuse; excellence of nigger fatherhood in need of police protection. Maccini claims that due process of paedo ring justice was followed and that equal protection was applied as Connecticut rapes childhood and fucks over mothers equally, no preferences given, no discrimination applied. Stupid cops are just stupid cops, but the State’s Attorney was in on it as well. It takes several paedophiles on the state payroll to get a felony arrest warrant issued to benefit a resident of Georgia; even Col. Mellekas had his boyz pursue the extradition endorsement; fat greek paedo. Raping children takes a conspiracy, Judge Omar Williams was there to help.

Maccini’s twisted argument claims that the ‘reasonable person with impartial mind’ would see the necessity to arrest battered mother in safe haven with child under protective orders of a state court … sure, we all get that; not. Maccini is being paid big bucks to muddy the legal waters in protection of child predator cop Brendan Danaher, but once the angry mob forms, there is little to save such a domestic terrorist from natural law. Maccini claims no abuse of process by Danaher, O’Connell, or Williams, like the process of fashioning a noose, finding a tree and providing justice to child predators and their lawyers?

Maccini pleads that paedo jew boy puppy cop Danaher did nothing wrong, that he just did what he was told by Couloute, McGuigan, Chief Hammick, and daddy Judge Danaher. Maccini pleads to federal jew Judge Stefan Underhill, just the jew type who would grant such an insane judgement to protect the paedos of Connecticut. Jew blood runs deep, talmudic law is specific, the federal court will not be used as a forum to hold jews/paedos/child predators of Connecticut accountable. In the meantime paedo cops and their lawyers be looking over their shoulders.

Editor’s Note: The arrest scam of BPD is exposed as US Marshalls were never contacted, the federal law enforcement agency tasked with inter-state recovery of children under criminal circumstances. Script errors expose the jewish game every time. Maccini knows this but attempts to conceal the error which proves her client was part of a hustle to benefit private players. US Marshall Service would have never played along.

Nigger paedo Couloute held two driver’s licenses at the time he made his complaint to BPD; a Georgia license, address in Cumming, a Connecticut license address in Fairfield. NY court restraining order held his Georgia address, where he was served. Why make a complaint in Bloomfield? The criminal conduct of Danaher and the police is obvious. Child trafficking Connecticut style.