Oh my: Williams

Hang on to your BLM hat, the Biden White House needs a black pedophile on the federal bench, now nominating the blog famous Omar Williams. Oh my, pedos, niggers, and jews! It never stops. This past week the White House announced the nomination of Omar The Pedophile to replace a senior judge in the federal District of Connecticut. Of all the competent folks to choose from, Biden picks a pedophile who has been mentioned in the now famous blog in 25 posts over the last four years. Omar made his blog debut when he signed the fabricated arrest warrant to hunt a child sex toy across state lines for his pedo pals Ryan McGuigan and Matthew Couloute.

Did the Biden vetting team bother to read the blog? Biden’s nomination team overlooked the nigger/pedo connections of Omar? This semi-retarded, fair-skinned, nigger partied through UCONN undergrad, then slept through UCONN law school, to be magically hired into the notorious State’s Attorney office, where crooked prosecutors, as thick as thieves, play loose with the law, hand out favors, protections, everything but prosecute criminals. Omar never practiced law, but amazingly after 12 years of doing favors for the protected, fag boy Governor Dannel Malloy picks him for a judge in 2014. By 2017 he is a blog star, chasing a mother across state lines with a criminal arrest warrant engineered by his pedo ring pals Couloute and McGuigan for the sole purpose of retrieving a child sex toy. Did the Biden team not read the blog?

Pedo boy Omar must appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a ‘confirmation’ hearing, where fellow Connecticut pedophile Richard Blumenthal will be cheering on his fellow child rapist. However, more conservative senators who despise pedophiles may ask some blog related questions. Perhaps Omar will be asked to explain why he issued a felony arrest warrant for a battered mother in safe haven in another state, at the private request of the infamous Matthew Couloute? Will Lindsey Graham raise an eyebrow? Will Ted Cruz ask what extra-curricular deviant social practices he enjoys with Senator Blumenthal in the pedo utopia of New England? Will Senators Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton take turns reading excerpts from the blog? Will Senator John Kennedy entertain the committee with southern antidotes about strangeness of pedophiles on the federal bench? Will the now famous blog become part of the congressional record? We can only hope!

Perhaps karma will bite this nigger and his pedo sponsors in the ass. What if, the little sexually abused girl, target of Omar’s arrest warrant talks to the senate vetting teams? What if, she comes to Washington to testify against putting a monster like Omar Williams on the federal bench? What if, senate investigators read all the blog posts that mention Omar Williams? Anyone think this nigger is going to get a hearing on the Hill?

Blog knows all!!

Karma bites pedo niggers hard.