Drop the tin foil hats! A real conspiracy has been uncovered in the drama of Bloomfield Police past efforts to retrieve a child sex toy from across state lines on behalf of the infamous, abusive Matthew Couloute.

The story dates back to middle of October 2016 when Couloute loaded his suitcase and son Xavier into deceased dad’s van with expired Virginia tags and drove to Cumming, Georgia to take up residence at 3210 Lakeheath Drive, an unused house owned by his mother. The purpose of the move was to enroll his son in a curiously private and expensive school in the woods known as Lyndon Academy, not that Couloute had money to pay the tuition. His relocation left his second ex-wife and daughter abandoned in Connecticut, no child support, no alimony, no visitation; just up an left. Penniless mom seeks shelter and food with grandparents in Buffalo. All is quiet, no visits by dad, no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, no support. Couloute obtains a Georgia driver’s license to work as UPS delivery man. Mom, having been battered by the mighty, manly Couloute and daughter, having been sexual entertainment victim of Couloute and his pal Ryan McQuigan, both having had enough of Couloute’s black brand of fatherhood, petition the NY Family Court for protection and modification of custody orders under the UCCJEA. It is the duty of NY to protect children within its borders. On 9 January ’17, Judge Carney of Erie Family Court joins mother and father in suit, takes up custody jurisdiction in protection of the child, appoints an AFC for the kid, issues a restraining order against Couloute and issues summons.

Couloute receives the court orders by email immediately, he contacts the AFC, he is aware of the restraining order terminating his access to daughter, barring his entry to New York State and that enjoins him from harassing his abandoned ex-wife and daughter. Couloute sends Judge Carney’s orders to his pedo pal lawyer Ryan McGuigan of RomeMcGuigan, who is worried that the little kid will talk about the Baby Dragon game and describe his male appendage to authorities. The dynamic duo leap into action to retrieve the child sex toy from the protective jurisdiction of Judge Carney. Couloute jumps in his car and does a cannonball run to Connecticut, meeting with fellow pedo pal Attorney Ryan McGuigan, in Stamford. The retrieval plan is hatched, the thin blue line of Bloomfield Police will be used to arrest mother on fabricated felony charges, forcing the surrender of the child, who will then be whisked away to Georgia, out of reach of child protective services of New York State. Brilliant!!!

On the evening of 11 January ’17, McGuigan and Couloute meet with ringer cop Brandon Danaher at 8.30pm in the Bloomfield Police Station. Danaher takes a false statement from Couloute that mom has illegally absconded from Connecticut, demanding she be arrested for custodial interference and the child sex toy be returned to him. Danaher does exactly what he has been instructed, his mission is to recover the kid by misuse of the criminal justice system. It is a mission that all members of BPD work to support. Arrest mother at all costs, retrieve the toy!

Couloute and McGuigan conveniently omit the small detail that Couloute is subject to a restraining order, but employ the doughnut whores of Bloomfield, as agents of harassment, in direct defiance of the court order. Pretty good for two lawyers to ignore orders of the court, but hey this is Connecticut, cops, lawyers, prosecutors and even the judges ignore the law all the time, that is how conspiracies work!! A few hours later, mother provides Officer Danaher with Judge Carney’s handiwork, the restraining order is right on top.

This is where the conspiracy is exposed. Once Bloomfield Police are in possession of the restraining order, their involvement should have stopped immediately. But strangely enough, the concerted effort to arrest mother and retrieve the kid continues with vigor, like the cops were on a mission; … because they were … a pedo mission! The pedo ring of Connecticut wanted the toy back, the thin blue muscle is directed to issue an interstate arrest warrant, put mom in jail, seize the kid, do as they are instructed. Danaher knows his job. He buries the NY court paperwork, he does not reveal such to the prosecutor, Danielle O’Connor, nor Judge Omar Williams who dutifully issues the felony warrant for mom’s arrest and seizure of the child. Danaher even tells mom that the orders of Judge Carney in NY do not apply in Connecticut!!! The thin blue line will shred the Constitution to rape a child!

The State of Connecticut issues an interstate felony arrest warrant requesting extradition of the mother from New York for the fabricated claim of ‘custodial interference’ brought by Couloute on the advice of Ryan McGuigan, who both ensured that Officer Danaher did not reveal the existence of the restraining order to Judge Williams. Now take off the tin foil hat, this is exactly what a conspiracy looks like and the conspirators are known to be Matthew Couloute, Ryan McGuigan, Officer Brandon Danaher, LT. Matthew Suplee, and Police Chief Paul Hammick. It is doubtful that ASA O’Connell was not involved, as the sovereign people of Connecticut hold no cause to arrest a battered mother in safe haven on complaint of a lying ex-husband. Given Judge Omar Williams and Richard Colangelo are pals of Couloute, add them to the list as well. The people of Bloomfield fund a gestapo force which will abuse its powers to rape a child and abuse a mother. Connecticut is the pedo utopia where screams of children cannot be heard. Citizens of Bloomfield should be ashamed of themselves.

The drama continues as Officer Danaher stuttered thru a deposition this week where his lawyer Kristan M. Maccini spent hours objecting, complaining and calling Judge Underhill who is presiding over the federal suit brought by mom. Clerks in the federal courthouse were abuzz about the number of phone calls coming in from a simple deposition, evidence that Maccini is stalling, trying to avoid the inconvenient fact that her client engaged in criminal conduct to obtain a warrant. Only question is how many others were involved in Danaher’s game? BPD was in possession of the restraining order from NY, but the cover story is that only Danaher knew about it? Seriously, no one reviews the file? How did Danaher hide it from the six levels of supervision? He obviously did not, it was known to all.

Will the Chief State’s Attorney Colangelo come down on the thin blue line for hoodwinking ASA Danielle O’Connell with a fraudulent affidavit? Will O’Connell’s involvement be exposed? Public trust is lost when the boys in blue misuse arrest powers to seize a child sex toy. What remedy do the people of Bloomfield hold? Will the taxpayers of Bloomfield not ream the Town management for employing crooked cops who lie, cheat, and steal to support child rape? Does the Mayor of Bloomfield have a clue? When will Chief Hammick and his band of pedophiles be purged from the Town?

Will Richard Colangelo turn a blind eye to the conspirators that infiltrate his office? Stay tuned.

Mayor of Bloomfield oversees pedo police force with taxpayer funds.