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Couloute Restrained

Blog star Matthew Couloute has been restrained by Judge Brinkworth of Erie County Family Court in protection of his abused daughter and battered ex-wife. The long arm of New York reached to Cumming, Georgia slapping a no-contact restraining order on the now-famous Blog star. Oi vey, the dumb nigger just can’t get enough Blog coverage, he has to flap his big nigger lips, threaten his daughter’s mother with elimination by hit squad, never see it coming, while he would be nowhere in sight, next his vodka soaked brain terrorizes his daughter, by threatening to drag mom back into court, whip his legal blackness on the white judge, and take the child away from mom! The great Couloute shows his true color, expressing his self-impotence by traumatizing his daughter, promising to knock off mom; smashing the garage windows by third party contract hit is just a nigger’s way of letting family know he cares. The local police are not impressed by interstate threats of bodily harm, a federal felony. The restraint against Couloute provides six months of peace and quiet, free from familial discord created by Couloute’s mental defect, personality disorders, abusive conduct, verbal harassment, and deficient parenting skills. Christmas will be a silent night this year, no tears, no screaming.

Couloute faces a family court buzzsaw, being a loser, he recently filed papers demanding possession of his daughter on claim that his acrimonious relationship with the cherub is all the fault of mother, whose mental illness infected the child to the point his daughter wants nothing to do with him. Couloute faces an uphill battle, as he cannot demonstrate he has financial means to support a child. Couloute cannot even support himself, no job, no income, no tax returns, no credit card, even his twenty year old jalopy of a ride is unregistered and uninsured. He lives in a run down house, rent free, owned by his mother, pays no property taxes, the abode lacks a working air conditioner, where he will plead to the court that a steady diet of canned tunafish is good for kids too!

Blog aficionados know well the antics of nigger boy Couloute and his paedophile ways, it has been the talk of Connecticut for the last seven years, when he abandoned daughter and mother, moved to Georgia, not providing a penny of support, but was able to mobilize the State Criminal Justice System to arrest baby momma, in attempt to retrieve his child sex toy from across state lines with the help of paedo pals Ryan McGuigan, Brendan Danaher, Danielle O’Donnell, and nigger pal Omar Williams. Danaher’s antics go before a federal jury this September.

Matthew Couloute embarking on a love affair with judges of Erie County Family Court.