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Matthew Couloute at it again!

Latest update on Matthew Couloute’s never ending drama of lies continues in mid-July where he has been summoned to appear in person before Erie County Family Court, Judge Thomas DiMillo, who will take up his petition to relocate daughter Sophie to Atlanta, because daddy is delusional, mom is bad, and daughter is a victim of sexual abuse, living in safe haven.  Thought LoVallo was bad, DiMillo is evil.

Remember the story, Matthew Couloute is an attorney in good standing in Connecticut and New York, registered at 3210 Lakeheath Drive in Cumming, Georgia, but represents to the court that he is living at 574 King Street in Suwannee, in Gwinnett County, where his son Xavier goes to North High School for his incredible football skills, residency arranged by the coach.  Xavier has a sweet Mustang with a V8 gifted by other mother, but daddy has no money to insure the monster machine, so the kid walks to school.  Couloute does not have a job, no income, lives in his mother’s house in Cumming, pretends to rent a house in Gwinnett County, so future NFL star can excel at North H.S., because coaches in Cumming see no potential in the kid and can’t stand being yelled at by drunk dad at games while kid sits on the bench.

But this good standing as a lawyer?  According to the rules in Connecticut, lawyers who do not pay child support are bad actors requiring suspension.  Why is Judge DiMillo of Lockport cheering on Couloute’s meritless, frivolous, vexatious petition to kidnap Sophie, who holds little affection for her molester?  Why does Erie County not address the arrearage of child support?  Per Connecticut attorney regulations, a lawyer is to be suspended who fails to comply with support orders.  Couloute has been non-compliant with support orders for several years, what will Judge DiMillo do now?  Give paedo Couloute another pass?  Who is arranging for this child trafficking operation by dead-beat dad with no money … oh, wait, the required financial disclosures are being ignored by Judge DiMillo so he can proceed in the charade, so DiMillo is in on it!!!  Another paedo judge doing as commanded by the ring.

Couloute’s petition filed in Erie County demands sole custody of Sophie, even though he agreed in two different courts over the last eight years to joint, but don’t expect a nigger to keep his word, especially this one.  He wants Sophie to live with him in either his grandmother’s house in Cumming or the ‘rented’ flop house in Suwannee.  He wants mom to pay him child support in accordance with the guidelines, only fair since the nigger has not paid mom a dime in the last several years.  Drama is dark and deep with Couloute.

The pleading is rather frivolous as Sophie has no desire to live with the monster that sexually abused her, the memories of the yucky tasting bedtime medicine surface quickly.  Court appointed Kelly Ball has been told to play along with the trafficking.  Drugging one’s daughter is frowned upon in most courts, but this is family court, the paedos have their tricks.  Couloute has been ordered to appear in person on 15 July in Erie County, no money, no credit card, no income, just Couloute doing nigger shit, which for some strange reason he always gets away with, until the judge orders the psyche eval, then he folds like a house of cards.  Reality being he is a psycho alcoholic, a real danger to children.

Stay tuned for the Couloute Shit Show.