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The insanity of the Connecticut criminal justice system is exemplified by exposing the incompetence of its individual players. Meet investigator Joseph M. McSweegan, a retard with an attitude and a badge who is paid by the state to provide professional investigative services to the blog famous nigger Gail Hardy, Hartford GA State’s Attorney. McSweegan works on the felony prosecution for custodial interference in the first degree of the mother of Sofi Couloute, brought by complaint of Matthew Couloute of Georgia.

McSweegan sends an official letter to Matthew Couloute on letterhead of the state’s criminal justice system, which reveals fraud by Couloute and betrays misconduct by McSweegan while documenting malicious prosecution and deprivation of rights under color of state law. Trafficking sex toys for pedos is criminal conduct. The first hint that McSweegan is a conspirator to trafficking a child across state lines is that the letter is addressed to Couloute at his mama’s house at 50 Duncaster in Bloomfield. A simple license check on Couloute reveals that his Georgia license is addressed at 3210 Lakeheath, Cumming, GA. How does a professional investigator not know the real address of the notorious Matthew Couloute? Who instructed McSweegan to use the Bloomfield address? McSweegan refers to a criminal incident which occurred on 11 January 2017, but neither Couloute nor his x wife, nor even his daughter held residency in Connecticut on that date. Couloute moved out of state on 15 October 2016, mom and daughter left the next day. How was there criminal conduct by anyone after that? Mother and daughter were living in Buffalo, NY; Couloute in Cumming, GA; how do such living arrangements create a crime in Connecticut?

Rather incredulous that a Connecticut investigator holding detective powers under law, would be trafficking a sex toy across state lines for a citizen of Georgia. But McSweegan does not inform Judge Budzik that Gail Hardy is up to no good, because the entire criminal justice system has been given marching orders to recover the toy for the ring. Shit like this does not happen by accident.

McSweegan claims that Couloute is a ‘victim’ of a crime, but how is a deadbeat dad the victim of the crime of custodial interference when he abandons his daughter, while relocating to Georgia with his son of another mother, Xavier? If McSweegan had performed any proper investigation, he would know that on the date of the so called ‘criminal incident’, the child was protected from Couloute by order of Erie County Family Court in the State of New York. Couloute was summoned in an abuse proceeding before Judge Carney of New York’s 8th Judicial District, her orders were issued two days before Couloute made his fraudulent complaint to Officer Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield PD.

McSweegan pens the letter to Couloute on 13 March, when two weeks prior, Judge Suarez of Hartford Family Court confirmed that NY held jurisdiction over the child and her parents. So what is the criminal activity to which Couloute is the ‘victim’? A professional investigator would note that Couloute had previously beaten and broken the mother of his daughter. A victim of domestic violence holds protections under the federal Violence Against Women Act. So what was McSweegan doing? … certainly not his job! Child trafficking?

Of great public interest is why Couloute had to drive all the way from Georgia to Connecticut to make his criminal complaint, but had to wait around all day until he could meet with K9 Officer Brendan Danaher at 9pm in the evening. Certainly he could have made his complaint to any sworn law enforcement officer of Bloomfield PD between 9am and 9pm, the station is manned 24/7. What was so special to require making his complaint only to Danaher of the K9 patrol? More strangeness is that after making the false complaint, Couloute headed home to Georgia immediately upon exiting the station; like mission accomplished? Any reason why Couloute could not have made his criminal complaint in Georgia?? Perhaps because it was not a criminal matter in Georgia? Bloomfield Police Officer Danaher was the only cop in the world who could make Couloute’s game a criminal matter on the battered mother of his sexually abused daughter? How pedos roll.

Why does McSweegan want to discuss Couloute’s ‘opinions’ on the case. Couloute had already committed perjury in his official complaint, what ‘opinion’ could further undermine due process? Was the entire prosecutor’s office conspiring to traffic a child for the pleasure of the state pedo ring? The acts of evil lie in the light for all to see. Joe McSweegan is a child trafficker and pedo protector, disguised as an investigator.

Given that there were two ‘investigators’ on the Sofi Couloute case, McSweegan and Kosinski, both deviant gender confused miscreants, it is rather obvious that the pedos get support from the queer professionals who subvert the rule of law and undermine the integrity of the prosecutor’s office in the pedophile capital of New England. The law is just a tool for Gail Hardy’s office to traffic little girls across state lines, pretty obvious. Just connect the dots.

Prosecutor Gail Hardy, child trafficker, pedo protector.